6 Best Lip Care Tips: How to make your lips red naturally permanently at home

Due to dehydration overexposure to sunrays and certain cosmetics, our lips suffer a lot. They start becoming dark. Chapped or even skin can be allowed to. 

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Taking good care of our lips is important and thus These are some of the methods that you can try for lip care at home. Here are the six best lip care for dry lips tips and how to make your lips red naturally permanently at home.

The first one is honey or sugar Scrub: 

Honey and Sugar Scrub is a very favorable technique as well as very, very effective. It brightens the lip instantly. These are rich in antioxidants and it also protects you from UV rays of Sun.

A simple technique with sugar would be using Brown sugar, preferably on your lips, and leaving them for 10-15 minutes before rubbing them out. By rubbing gently. Don't overdo it. 

Be mindful if your lips are delicate. You can use just any. Just massage it and keep it for 15 minutes and wash it down. stay away from eating sugar or honey while it is applied. 

The Second is Pomegranate Seeds:

Pomegranate works great in lightening pigmented lips. You can apply it as a juice with sugar or cream over your lips and clean them out after 15 minutes. 

Keep in mind that the skin might be locked or turn blue if you scrub too much. 

The third one is berries and Alovera: 

These are having an abundant source of vitamins and minerals and anti-Optimus and thus help in lightening and protecting the health of your lips. While Alovera Hydrates and moisturizes your lips in berries, strawberries or raspberries can be used for the scrap. 

Use one Berry as a juice and take one teaspoon full of Aloe vera or honey with a juice of Berry. Apply this for 20 minutes and wash it out. 

Fourth Cream / Desi Malai Cream:

It is not only the most convenient but also the most effective ingredient. This malai was a wonder no matter how dehydrated or how much pigmented your lips are taking. Just a little malai and just rubbing on your lips help to hydrate and Deeping went your lips. You can keep this for a long period or just five minutes.

Fifth, lemon and almond oil:

Oils are essential for making your skin complexion. Healthy oil prevents kids from feeling out and amino does just that. Thus are two drops of almond oil with two three drops of lemon juice can be applied on your lips and leave it for 5 to 10 Minutes for its most defects. You can wash it later or leave it if you want. 

Sixth beetroot juice: 

Beetroot works to clear up the pigmentation of your lip. This can be applied along with the juice of Mint leaves and lemons. Take around two drops of each and keep it for ten minutes and wash it out. 

Commercial lip balms also contain certain chemicals which will hurt and harm your lips and make your lips drier and more pigmented.

I would strongly recommend that you use all these homemade remedies for your self-care routine. Besides these Scrubs and Baam, you should be eating healthy food. You should have a healthy way of life and you should remember that hydrating yourself is very important.

The Yogasana like Kapal Randhra Dhouti, KapalBhati, Ujjayi. All these things are very much required for your healthy lips, healthy care and so take charge of yourself.

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