How i increase breast size naturally: how to increase breast size in 7 days at home

The majority of women, they are very sensitive about their breast size and they very often feel inferior, feel unhappy about their looks, about appearance. Sometimes the clothes which they wear, they feel it doesn’t appeal to them, they don’t look good enough.

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So here, we are going to discuss how to increase breast size to its optimal shape. 

1) Food milk. Milk contains the same levels of reproductive hormones as the human body, which are good for fertility and increase breast size, they also stimulate blood flow to the breast, apart from milk, there are other dairy options such as paneer, curd, and cheese which you should include in your diet. For those who have a dairy aversion or they are following veganism,, the other choice is soya milk, almond milk, and coconut milk as another choice.

2) Next Fenugreek seeds-fenugreek is a traditional seed, recommended in weight loss, it is even good in lactating mothers to stimulate good milk production. Interestingly fenugreek works wonders, soak a tablespoon spoon of fenugreek in water overnight and then drink that water along with fenugreek seeds, that would be wonderful, you may chew it or You can't chew it doesn't matter, if consumed regularly it will help you in fuller cup size. Fenugreek contains Phytoestrogens and that helps in the growth of the breast.

The next option could be Soya-Soya contains Phytoestrogens, a hormone very much useful for breast growth, soya also contains Isoflavones which fight against free radicals and cancer cells that grow in the breast tissues. Among the group of cancer, breast cancer is quite common among ladies and here the soya helps to control this.

3) Nuts and seeds-its always helpful to have a handful of nuts and seeds in your daily diet, preferably breakfast, which is soaked overnight and taken, that would be wonderful. Nuts and seeds have minerals and vitamins it keeps your brain and heart-healthy and they also have a good amount of good fat and protein in them and this helps to promote breast growth. Some of the nuts and seeds to have are cashews, walnuts, pecans, and peanuts. Seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds are really helpful, they help in stimulating and balancing estrogen levels in the body.

Next among the food would be Green leafy vegetables-these superfoods are rich in nutrients, they not only just help to maintain optimum weight, but they help in maintaining the breast size, this is because they have phytoestrogens, which helps to balance the female hormone estrogen naturally. These foods should be focused to help increase the breast size, but the other food should not be ignored. 

The next method is massaging. Massaging the muscles on the breast should really help in maintaining the tone of the breast and the massage could be done with any of the moisturizer or any natural oil. Preferably, almond, coconut oil, tea tree, and lavender. All these oils have skin-friendly properties.

Let me give you some recipes for paste and oil for breast. 

1) Red lentil paste-that is masoor dal. Lentils are a rich source of estrogens, that can stimulate breast development. To use this ayurvedic remedy, soak this masoor in water for a few hours and now grind it finely, apply this paste on your breasts and leave it for an hour. or till it becomes really dry and then you can totally wash it out, no need to massage this paste, along with augmenting breast, it can create firmness in the breast. 

2) Fennel seed souf and almond oil-this contains flavonoids, it stimulates the growth of breast tissues, to benefit from this heat almond oil and add fennel seeds in that when it is hot, When the seeds turn red, filter the oil and let it cool down, now massage the breast with this oil and leave it for half an hour. Ideally, you should massage your breast with oil every day. 

3) Fenugreek breast mask-this is one of the effective treatments for breasts enlargement. The phytoestrogen present in methi or fenugreek increases the prolactin level in a woman's body, additionally, fenugreek also influences the memory gland and this encourages the breast tissues to expand. Make a paste of water powder and fenugreek And then massage this paste on your breasts, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, wash it off with warm water, and then moisturize your breast with a good moisturizer.

And now understand asanas and pranayamas .Among all these asanas, certain asanas should be performed to exercise the thoracic muscles, these asanas could be Ushtrasana, Bhujangasana, Gomukhasana, Sthithprarthanasana, Chakrasana, standing variation, Adho Mukha Swanasana, Dolphin pose, and Balasana.

Apart from these asanas, Pranayama also plays an important role. Here is some pranayama that can also help in breast enlargement.

1) Intercostal breathing – Where you sit in any of the meditative poses or you can stand firm with your eyes open and not closed, place your hand on the ribs, fingers on one side, and thumb behind, and then while inhaling expand your ribs from the sides and then while exhaling contract your ribs, this expansion, and contraction would really help increase rib cage muscles.

2) Clavicular breathing – Put your hand on your shoulder actually and fingers in the front and thumb behind and while inhaling take your chest upwards with your shoulder moved upwards and stretched your arms behind and while exhaling, bring your arms to relax them bring your shoulders, and then bring your chest inwards. so this chest movement, upward and forward, will be wonderful for developing the clavicular muscles. 

3) Abdominal breathing or Diaghramic breathing- where you lie down on your back, bring your legs closer to your bottom knees upwards and then keep one arm on your stomach and then while inhaling bring your abdomen muscles a little up while breathing out bring them downwards so this movement of the stomach up and down would really help in developing the Diaghramic muscles.

4) Bhastrika-where you sit in any of the meditative poses and keep your one arm on your stomach and breathe in and breathe out fast, pushing your stomach in while breathing out strongly so while breathing out you being your abdomen in breathing in you can do silently, so it would be this is the way and do it like this for 30 rounds and that also would work wonders.

This Bhastrika pranayama should be done only on empty stomach so early in the morning before eating anything, the rest of the pranayamas could be done anytime during the day, Not immediately after the meal but after 2 hours of the meal, so do this work regularly and get benefits.

These pranayamas will not only increase just the lung capacity but also tone the muscles of your rib cage. Understand, don't compare yourself to others, every human body is beautiful in itself and it has its own plus and minus in case you want to find fault but Afterall what really impresses is the health of body and the positive state of mind which you have.

You must first learn to enjoy what you have and wherever you want to do something, go ahead and do something about it. But don't bring negativity in it, don't try and feel that you are less than anyone. Try and see if you enjoy your body. see that your body functions well and gives you good health.

Learn to accept yourself completely, how you feel will reflect on your body and mind. So always feel positive and happy, cheerful, satisfied with your life and it will work wonders. Take charge of yourself

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