5 miraculous techniques for how to attract positive energies

It is a choice to find positivity in this world, which is full of ups and downs. We are all bombarded with information that is always full of negativity. This has a great impact on us than how we realize it. how should we stay positive amongst all this negativity! 

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In today's discussion, we will learn how to stay positive in our day-to-day life.

1) Do not spend time on negative news: firstly cut off all negative news many people have the habit of reading newspaper first thing in the morning but what kind of news you notice in the paper, most often its negative news or uncertainties. 

This will be done that would be done nothing.  So concrete doesn’t be so inquisitive about what is going to be done in the whole world like this. You are simply feeding your mind with negativity rather than start with some positive articles, some jokes, and some informative pieces.

2) Always fill your mind with this feeling (Anitya  Bhavna): this too shall pass what is there in the morning is not there at midday and what is there at the midday is not there at night. All the things are transitory if you are sad, you are not going to stay sad throughout. At some point, you will be happy everything is temporary nothing is permanent. this attitude will help you to remain in the present moment and enjoy everything. now has to offer this attitude will help you leave the negativity and move ahead with positivity.

3) Self-love and beliefs: believing in yourself and loving yourself is very important. if someone raises a finger at you, tomorrow you will begin to doubt your ability and self-worth simply because someone said so. if you are fearful you will attract more fear. if you are pessimistic you will attract more pessimism and if you are doubtful you will attract more doubt. 

you will attract whatever you think. the way out is to believe in yourself, love yourself, do things for yourself, and make yourself a priority. Remember being positive will attract more positivity only.

4) Control your thoughts and stay still:  Meditate, we automatically attract positivity by gaining stillness at the level of our body and mind. Meditation activity will help us to de-stress and gain more insight into our lives. there are certain meditative techniques such as meta meditation or love and  compassion meditation. that can help us to feel more love and grateful about  our environment and feel more positive

5) 10 positive points I strongly advise people to write down: 10 positive points which they could find out in the day as gratitude which we already have in our life. usually, what we have, we don’t even register it, we don’t even think about it. but what we don’t have, we are cribbing for it, we want it, we feel very unhappy about it. 

Now when you are writing these 10 positive points you should write down all those things which you are feeling grateful for, what you have with your register, what you have with you like. you have a home to live in. you have a family whom you can love and get love from them,  like friends who care, the food you are eating every day and so much more you have in your life. 

This habit will drastically change your day and make you more assertive and do a good job, a positive job in your life. this way you will shift your mentality with a more sure steps and live positively. 

Staying positive makes you resilient and makes you grow physically, emotionally, and mentally in work situations. you would be very enthusiastic you will work with zest and enthusiasm with full of energy and that makes life much better, a person will grow much better. Also, remember that energies are contagious, so ensure that you are always positive.

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