3 Best & Miraculous Ways To Prevent Prostate Problems In Men

What causes prostate problems:

What is the cause of prostate problems! It is seen that about one-third of all men above 50 years suffer from some or other problem related to prostrate. This problem arises with age and reaches 75 % after the age of 80 years. 

Prostate Problems Causes

Many professionals like doctors who sit down for long hours when the bladder is full and not taking a break for urine then what happens? 

The congestion the pressure in that area increases and the entire pelvic region is under congestion and stress aging is a huge factor causing the prostate problem. 

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so let's discuss what could be done about this prostate problem or how to prevent prostate problems in men.

1) Hip bath alternate hot and cold bath must be taken. the hot bath should be taken first for ten minutes followed by for 4 mins or two mins a little cold bath or normal temperature. this is a wonderful technique to stimulate the prostate gland and all the other vital organs which are around to exactly to take a hip bath. 

For hip, bath sit in a tub of water and the legs kept outside the tub hold your knees with your elbows in this position or form Ashwini mudra. which will contract and relax your anal muscles and your pineal muscles.  

See that you sit in this position for 10 minutes helps to relax and strengthen your muscles. while cold water helps to stimulate your muscles this whole technique will help to give a better passage of urine freely without any passage and that would help in the management of the prostate. This really helps to reduce pelvic pressure.

Every man should know that he should keep a timetable about when did he pass urine in a day. The time should be noted and see to it that every little minute you don’t go to pass urine because you have a feeling rather decide that will pass urine only after 2 hours. 

So this is how when you organize your day and the process of passing urine. You will be most comfortable and this habit of dissatisfaction will go away. 

2) Yoga asanas- Yoga asanas are vital in preventing and managing prostate disorders very well. simple asanas which a person should do regularly are core exercises like Naukasana, which would really strengthen the pelvic muscles. This Naukasana will help in reducing pelvic pressure. 

Other pelvic exercises like Bhadrasana, Matsyasana, Hastpadangushthashan, Shalabhasana, and Dhanurasana should be practiced every day. this would help in strengthening the pelvic muscles and this would help in bringing tonicity to these muscles.

Inversion exercises like Sarvangasana or Viprit Karni are wonderful exercises to increase blood flow near the Pelvic region and so relaxing that region, strengthening that region, bringing tonicity in that region. that would help in the management of all prostate-related problems.

The bad sedentary lifestyle just staying at one place for a long and long time would cause all such problems related to prostrate. Therefore a person should get the body moving. walking is the best mild and best exercise, which will keep your body moving and remain healthy.

3)Foods- Food, first of all having orange juice or pomegranate juice are proven to maintain good health at the prostrate area and orange is rich in vitamin c and pomegranate slows down cancer progression. 

Having little water every hour, when you are awake should be your management. This will really help you in passing your urine and toxin out very easily. 

Milk curd and other dairy products should be taken regularly for healthy urination. Curd should be taken diluted. It's called buttermilk that really helps passing urine very easily. 

Milk also should be diluted and taken more than 50 % of dilution of milk and taken would really help and other dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese, paneer would help in strengthening your system. 

All this is proven to improve prostate health. Refined sugar and salt should be monitored and better avoided as much as possible. 

The weight of your body should be monitored as much as possible. The founder of Yoga Institute Shri Yogendra Ji used to say that, every year above 60 may be above 70 try and see that you could reduce 1, 1 pound. 

See to it that, you don’t put on weight at all, rather become slimmer thinner, and stronger once in a while. Try to live on fruits and liquid diet and that would help in clearing up urine and helping in weight. 

Also, the fruits should include apple, pear, orange, grapes, grapefruit, sweet lime, mango melon, and all our juicy fruits. All this will help to clear toxins from our body and will help reduce excess fat to some extent. 

So take care and keep in mind that you are your utmost priority.

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