What Is Best Psoriasis Treatment- 3 most effective treatment

Psoriasis is an inflammatory disease characterized by thick scaly silvery rough skin full of red patches. It affects both the sexes equally. Modern medicine has not found out the exact cause of psoriasis, but the main cause could be the faulty utilization of amino acids and fat. A person with this abnormality has an excess amount of cholesterol in their skin and blood. 

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So what can we do to overcome this disease? So let's work on this. 

1) Fruit-filled diet for a week. a  diet filled with cleansing juices is recommended as of one-week diet management, or the best thing would be, have fruits and juices as the meal that is 4 times in a day or in between also. 

Every 2 hours having some fresh fruits in a day would be recommended and make sure that you continue this for 7 days. Understand few juices that can be added to your diet. 

Carrot and beet juice - Take half carrot, half beet, and a glass of water, boil these things and then blend them nicely, Don't strain them, keep the fibers intact and take them.

2)The second one is Cucumber juice-take half cucumber one stem of basil one stalk of lemongrass and blends them in half a glass of water, do not strain the juice and consume it fresh. These juices will really help in reducing the inflammatory condition of your body and this will help you in reducing your condition to a great extent.  

The vitamin and minerals in these juices would minimize your patches. Except for citrus fruits, you can use all the other fruits in your diet. The juices of citrus fruits should be avoided, along with consuming lots of juices.

some foods you should adopt are seeds, nuts, and grains vegetables, and fruits but less than fruits. Some seeds which you should include are sesame seed, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds. 

Again a person should eat plenty of freshly grown vegetables. Preferably, organic vegetables and person should have sufficient amount of other foods too. 

It has been observed that Vitamin E therapy has been found to be very effective in the treatment of Psoriasis. It will help in reducing the scratching feeling, itching feeling, and scabbing. 

So definitely add vitamin E rich food like almond, avocado, different types of currents, black currants, basically mangoes and spinach, flaxseed oils, etc. 

Certain foods can trigger Psoriasis, so avoid these foods. The food which increases inflammation and autoimmune flare,  such food are harmful and they are all animal fats,  

It means entirely non-veg food, even milk and butter should be avoided. Avoid refined and processed food and put containing hydrogenated fat and white sugar should be avoided. 

All condiments and tea, coffee, etc. should be avoided completely, alcohol  should be totally avoided apart from food  

your daily routine should be taken care of, taking  frequent baths and using soap on the body should  

be avoided, when you take bath once a day you  should use Epsom salt bath, Epsom salt for the  

bath is extremely beneficial, this bath also  should be taken thrice in a week, not every day,  

regular seawater could be externally put on the  area after a bath applying olive oil or coconut  

oil may be helpful, especially in winter, you need more such oils. so this extra care should be taken apart from the Epsom salt bath. 

Taking the sun on your body could be extremely beneficial, taking sunbath should be very much part of your daily routine. 

Next is Asanas. Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition and one major cause is stress,  studies say that vigorous exercise done by ladies can reduce the risk of psoriasis by 30 percent.  

So what they are trying to say is that we should be always physically active physically moving. Some asanas would help to increase the circulation to the entire body. 

These Asanas could be Stithprarthanasaa, Balasana, Trikonasana, side variation Pawanmuktasana, Hastpdasna, Bhujangasana,  viprit Karni Janu Shirasana, and Shavasana.  

these asanas would help in increasing the circulation throughout the body and reduce stress, this would help in maintaining the homeostasis of our body. 

when the sickness comes, the body also wants to be healthy and so the body maintains its homeostasis level, we also should work hard to help the body to come back to its normal.

we should also put our effort, all these asanas would provide vitally stretch to our body, the skin and everything would get stretched and relaxed and maintain the health of our body, to prevent the aggravating scale of our body these Asanas work wonders. 

so naturally these asanas should be done every day. deep breathing practices, Pranayama should be part of your daily regimen. As it reduces your stress level instantly. 

Meditation sitting quietly with yourself for 10 mins to stop thinking and relaxing is also very important and a person should spend at least 5 to 10 mins of meditation once or twice a day. 

So these conditions of psoriasis could be treated with simple management and make sure that you eat the right kind of food, sleep well, and exercise yourself regularly do pranayama and meditation regularly so take charge.

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