Five Best Natural Healer To Heal Yourself

When someone has fallen sick, we help that person to recover and for that, we give him healthy, homemade, cooked food. We give lots of fruits, lots of fresh vegetables, lots of vegetable juices, coconut water and all these things which would help him to recover fast. Nutritious food helps to improve the immunity system. 

It reduces inflammation, treats infection, and promotes overall healing of the body. But apart from food, there can be many other elements that could help to treat severe ailments naturally and effectively. And this could promote overall healing of the body. 

best natural healers,

So today we will talk about some special elements which are from Panch Mahabhutha to help in the management of ailments. Here are the five best natural healers to heal yourself, read this full article to know how these natural healers heal you.

Five Best Natural Healers To Heal Yourself

Heat Element: 

The fire element plays a very crucial role in our day-to-day life. It helps us to heal and recover. The heat generated by the sun can give you tremendous healing power Sun is a natural source of vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is very essential to keep our bones, muscles, and joints very strong. It helps even to strengthen our teeth. 

But since this pandemic our exposure to sunlight has become limited, the majority of people are inside their houses, either working from home or attending online classes. It is important to expose ourselves to the warmth of the early morning sun and this would ensure that we get a daily dose of Vitamin D. 

Apart from vitamin D, exposure to sunlight would help overcome your depression and it will lower your stress. It will also help increase the melatonin level to ensure a good sleep. Exposure to morning sunlight is also linked to weight loss. 

Apart from the sun, hot water also has a healing property. Placing the hot water bag on injuries helps in increasing the blood circulation in that area and that helps to heal the damaged tissue. It also relaxes muscles and provides relief from pain. 

Also, taking steam, steam inhalation is highly beneficial when a person feels that he has congestion in the nostrils. The heat of the steam could help improve the circulation in your respiratory system. 

Congestion-free inhalation and exhalation can enhance your breathing capacity and also strengthen your body's immunity.

Air Element: 

Our breath is what keeps us alive, hence, air elements hold great significance. The quality of the air matters a lot, but these days most of us in cities breathe polluted air. 

Regular practice of Pranayama will keep our respiratory system healthy and strong and this would prevent problems such as breathlessness and asthma. Practice these effective techniques daily.

Equal Breathing: 

Sit in a comfortable posture. Begin inhaling for three counts and slowly exhale also for 3 counts. Continue inhaling and exhaling slowly and gently. Practice for four to five minutes. 


Sit in a comfortable posture, after short exhalation, begin inhaling for four counts and then hold your breath for eight counts, then exhale normally, this becomes one round. Take a few normal breaths before each round and practice four to five rounds. 


It is an excellent Kriya to clear the nasal passages, which involves expelling the toxins from your respiratory tract through forceful exhalation. Sit in Sukhasana and now begin inhaling and exhaling forcefully without creating any strain in your system. 

Do not strain the facial muscle while doing this technique, practice ten such breaths, making it one round. You can practice three to five rounds. 

We can't regulate the quality of air when we are in the city. It is polluted air because of automobile or industrial pollution. So once in a while, take a break and go to some places where big trees are there. 

You may go to a hill station, you may go to some remote village which is very clean and pure, so try and get some atmosphere for your lungs, for your respiratory system. This will rejuvenate your body and mind. 

Apart from this, always keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day, which would help flush toxins out of the body. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits. 

You should include dairy products, nuts, and seeds in your diet. So all these elements together will continue keeping us healthy, fit, and strong.

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