3 Most Effective breathing exercises to Lose weight - Try It

People are so curious about losing weight that they try various things like diet and that too crash diet, like exercise, sweating it out and sometimes even remaining hungry for a long time, fasting and so on. 

But there is one technique, which is not done properly people ignore that technique, people forget that there is something which if they do would be very very effective and that is Pranayama (breathing exercises). 

Do breathing exercises help lose weight!

Breath can strongly influence the metabolism of your body and that would really help in burning calories and so burning fat.

Here are the 3  most effective breathing exercises techniques, which are proven to relax your mind, reduce your body fat, and can help you lose weight.

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First – Bhastrika

Bhastrika or Bellow Breath is a very strong technique that increases the air in the body and causes internal warmth and heat in the body. To understand how to do this practice of Bhastrika.  

Do Sukhasana or any other meditative posture with your spine erect and chin parallel to the ground.  

Relax and take few normal breaths, make sure your shoulder and face muscles are totally relaxed.  

Now, inhale deeply and exhale forcefully without any strain. Breathe in with the same force and breathe out forcefully again and again.  Repeat the set 10 cycles to make it one round,  

it is recommended to practice three rounds with pauses in between as and when required. Keep in mind that if a person has a heart problem,  spinal disorders or intestinal disorders,  

stomach, blood pressure going high, acid,  ulcers all such stuff then the person should not do this practice. People suffering from vertigo should also avoid this practice.

Benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama: 

It reduces hunger and appetite. It tones your diaphragmatic and abdominal muscles. 

This practice will oxygenate your muscles, organs, and tissues, thus decreasing the stress level and increasing the metabolism. It increases vitality and energizes the whole body.

Second – Abdominal Breathing: 

This Abdominal breathing, Pranayama no.4 or Diaphragmatic breathing is an excellent technique that can be practiced by anyone without any limitation. Now understand how to do this practice. 

In this technique person has to lie down to time legs folded, the knees pointing upward, put firmly on the ground legs a little away from each other preferably.  

Relax your facial muscles and shoulders and see to it that your spine is completely touching the mat relax in this position.  

Keep your right arm on the abdomen at the navel region and the other palm, relaxed on the floor, palm facing upwards. Now focus on your abdominal area and take 6 to 8 relaxing breaths.  

Understand that while inhaling your stomach will move a little up and while exhaling it would sink down, this movement of the abdomen should continue.  It could be done for many minutes also, but in the beginning, do these rounds till 30 rounds and that would be beautiful. 

Do this for 30 rounds at a stretch. Practice this every day before sleeping and now understand the benefits of this Pranayama.

It increases the supply of blood to bones and muscles, thus increasing metabolism and helps in reducing weight. It prevents insomnia and stress-related sleep disorder by decreasing stress hormones and boosting metabolism. It balances hormones related to stress and hunger.

Third – Kumbak

Kumbak is an age-old technique mentioned in the textbook-like Hatha Yoga Pradpika.  

Kumbhak means stoppage or retention of breath. Let us now understand how to do this pranayama. Sit in Sukhasana or any other meditative pose with your spine erect, head straight & chin parallel to the ground. 

Now take a few deep breaths and relax your body inhale for 3 counts, hold your breath for 6 counts, and gently exhale for 3 counts.  You can practice 4-5 rounds in one session.  

Take special care when you practice Kumbhak  Pranayama. Do not practice this Pranayama, if you are suffering from a heart ailment,  hypertension, high blood pressure, even ulcers in the stomach. People suffering from vertigo and spinal disorders should also not do this exercise. 

Understand the benefits of this Pranayama. Kumbhak actually helps in reducing the acidity level of our body and increasing the alkaline level in our system. It helps in stimulating hormones and activates the functions of glands. It helps in toning your thoracic muscles as well as abdominal muscles. 

It expulses the residual air that is carbon dioxide completely to help breathe better and fuller. Once your body is well oxygenated, it helps to increase your metabolism and so reduces your weight. All such benefits would help in excess fat loss.

Pranayama regulates your prana and this pranayama will help you lose weight and would help to maintain balance in your mind,  body, and soul. At the same time, ensure that you pay attention to what you are eating the whole day and how much you are exercising the whole day.  

All these things are necessary to bring balance to your body. So, a proper diet, proper exercise, and a proper amount of pranayama will work wonders to maintain balance in your body.

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