How To Fix A Hunchback While Sleeping | 5 Simple Way

In today's time, everyone is busy on the computer for some their job demands it, for others, they may have joined some classes online, for their benefits this digital era has a great impact on our postural alignment. While sitting in front of tv and computer, they tend to slouch their back. 

People nowadays are all looking down at their phones and this way they are putting strain on their neck and spine. These incorrect postures over time lead to back pain, muscle compression, and hunch back. all these postural problems have to be corrected. 

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Why should we correct hunch back, due to hunch back all our internal organs are compressed our respiratory system is affected, you cant breathe fully and more than that hunch back person reflects a depressive personality. that’s why to stand tall, sit tall. 

So what can you do to fix a hunchback? here are some asanas which would really help to correct hunchback and improve your posture.

5 Best Asana to Correct Hunchback Posture

1) Paschim Namaste: 

This technique will work on your shoulder blade and rectify your hunch. This easy method can be done anywhere even while working or at home. All you have to do is join your hand doing namaste, not in front but behind your back. 

Take both hands behind your back and fold your hands from your elbow and try joining your palms in Namaste position.

It's fine if you cant completely join your palm, but by practicing daily you will be able to do this very easily. Do as much as you can comfortably and hold there for 15 to 20 secs repeat at least 5 times. 

2) Bhujagasana: 

Bhujagasana helps you to strengthen your back muscles as well as your core muscles. which ultimately helps you to maintain an erect posture, tones up the deep muscles, supports the spinal column and the track.

This helps to correct the muscle imbalance that leads to the hunchback. The backward stretches help to elongate the stiff shoulder and the back muscles that correct your posture over time. 

So to do Bhujangasana you should lie down on your stomach on the mat with your hands on the side. Place your palms facing down near your chest, keeping your elbows close to your body. Now inhaling raise your head and neck upwards to look up at the ceiling. Raise the upper body only up to the navel and not more. 

Make sure while doing this your feet are together and not separated remain in the final position holding your breath for 6 seconds. Now exhaling bring your head neck and torso to come back to the ground and rest now do this 5 times.

3) Asana Chakrasana: 

Asana Chakrasana is an excellent asana to strengthen your back, spine, neck, and shoulders. Forward bend Chakrasana helps to rotate and exercise the shoulder blade and rectifies the alignment. Also lengthens the spine and this will help you to maintain a proper posture throughout the day. 

Here stand straight, keep both legs apart around 2 feet distance between each other, both the legs could be kept parallel, hands on the side, and clench your fist. Now while inhaling, raise your arms straight up above your head, your arms must be close to your ears. 

Now arch your back as much as possible. The body below your fist will remain fixed. Now when you exhale in a sweeping arch, bring your hands and head down towards your feet. Bring your head far as much as towards your knee as possible in a sweeping motion. Take your arms behind the back as high as you can. 

Take it clasping the hands at the back, take the head further forming a full circle. While inhaling, first unclasp your hands, then clench your fist, and then with your hand still down bring your hands down. Holding your head in between the arms, rise up to the starting position, bring your hands down as you exhale. Now do this 5 times. 

4) Setubandhasana: 

Setubandhasana hunch back is usually due to the aging of muscles, these muscles are seen at the back shoulder and thoracic muscles. This technique aims at strengthening the shoulder and back muscles and helping you to regain back its normal posture. 

While slouching frequently our back muscles are compressed in that direction and get stiff as the shoulders are pulled behind, While lifting the body up. In Setubandhasana, it corrects the posture of the shoulder blade. 

To understand the technique, lie down on your back, pull your feet towards your hip, keep your feet parallel to each other and the knees. Pointing out at the ceiling, place your arms near your body, palms facing downwards. Now inhaling slowly, lift your lower back, middle back, and upper back off the floor your chin will touch the chest. 

At this point, you can also interlock your finger at the back and here stretch your arm. This will help you lift the upper body, even more, stay in this position keep breathing normally, and slowly. Hold the posture for 10 to 30 secs and while exhaling comes back to your normal position do this 5 times.

5) Supta Vakrasana:

Supta Vakrasana is an excellent asana that helps to release the tension of your shoulder and your vertebrae. When a person is having a hunch back and if you are told to sit straight you might experience pain while sitting erect. 

So this Supta Vakrasana really helps you to strengthen these muscles. So the regular practice of this helps to correct your posture as well as release shoulder pain. Which comes because of hunching throughout the day. 

Lying on your mat with your legs, stretched fully forward, toes pointing upwards, and hands in T position. Palms resting on the mat, pull your knees close to you, and inhale. Now exhaling, twist your spine towards the right as much as you can try. 

Touching the knee on the floor, ensure your hands are fixed, shoulders are fixed, and slowly turn your neck on the other side. Now inhaling, bring your leg and neck to the center. Exhaling, twist to the left side in the same manner, and inhaling return back to the center. Do this cycle 5 times. 

When someone is depressed, they slouch and stare at the ground, and when they are happy, they stand up straight looking up eye to eye. So remember and stay happy and alert throughout the day and be aware of your posture. 

So remember to do these Asanas regularly to strengthen your muscles to correct your hunchback posture and remain straight happy and enthusiastic.

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