Best Healthy Morning routine To Improve Cardiac Health Quickly

Cardiac health is a growing concern nowadays. Not just elders but even young people at the age of 30-40 are facing cardiac problems. Imbalance and block in our energy and blood vessels or even our hectic lifestyle, stress, wrong habits are leading to a negative impact on our hearts. 

So, what can be done to prevent heart ailments or how to improve cardiac health, let's discuss some simple and effective healthy morning routines to improve cardiac health or to keep cardiac problems away.

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Healthy morning routine on how to improve heart health quickly

1) Start with simple stretches in bed:

Do easy stretches like Yastikasana, Bhadrasana, Pavanmuktasana with one leg, lying down in Dhradasana position on the side and lifting the leg up and down 10 times, and Pranayama No.4 – Abdominal breathing.

These techniques will improve your bowel movement, the peristalsis movement would be much better, as well as relax all muscles and above all, it will enhance circulation to the heart region.

2) Sip warm water: 

After doing these stretches, get up from the bed. Always get up from the side, taking support of the hand in getting up and drinking a glass of warm water sip by sip. 

This will help to improve your digestion, elevate acidity and prevent any gastric exertion on your heart.
To increase the advantage of warm water, squeeze one lemon, and add a teaspoonful of honey to it.

Once you have a glass of warm water, sitting in a quiet corner, meditate on yourself. Just shut your eyes for some minutes and a few your breath. This will help you to be focused on the present moment and let go of all your negative feelings, anxiety, and tension. 

Stress is the major cause of all cardiac problems and here is meditation, which is going to help you release stress, tension, anxiety.

4)In the morning eat dry fruits and nuts:

Now to energize your body after a long fast at night, eat some nuts that are extremely healthy for the heart. Eat five almonds soaked overnight. Remove the skin and chew them nicely. Eat a date, one apricot, and one walnut.

5) Go for a walk:

Once you feel energized after having nuts and dry fruits go for 20 to 30 minutes of walk. Walk at a comfortable pace don't rush yourself. If you can't go out for a walk in your own house, in rooms, take rounds. 

But see that it is a walking time. Walk systematically. Enjoy your walk and once in a while, stand and breathe deeply. 

If you feel breathless, take a pause and sit down. Sit quietly till the breathlessness goes away, then again walk. Walking is a very good cardio exercise. It can improve your cardiorespiratory function and fitness.

6) Relax after your walk: 

Just lie down in Shavasana and relax. Close your eyes for ten minutes and focus on different parts of your body and see that every part is relaxed. Practicing Shavasana regularly will help you to remain calm and composed in your mind throughout the day. Your body also will be prepared to handle the stress of the day very easily.

7) Eat a heart-healthy breakfast:

Now, after all these activities, have a healthy breakfast to boost your stamina and energy and this would definitely help in a healthy heart. In breakfast, Omega3 fatty acids, if you take that, would promote your heart health. It would help to lower your blood pressure, Triglyceride, blood clotting, and the risk of strokes and even heart failure. 

Flaxseeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Having one to two tablespoons of flaxseed in your morning breakfast, either eating directly or mixing with your porridge would help tremendously.

In the morning breakfast along with the nuts, try and eat something like Poha or Upma or porridge, maybe oatmeal or anything out of this but mixes one to two tablespoons of flax seeds in any of these things and have it, this would definitely prevent heart problems, even heart attacks.

Along with morning heart-healthy routines, stay away from certain things, which will indirectly harm your body. In the morning rushing to take bath and going to work avoid.

If you have to rush to work, then don't take bath in the morning take bath in the evening. Taking bath in the morning and rushing to work will not help. After the bath, a person is supposed to rest for 15-20 minutes and then go to work. So if this is not possible, you are in a hurry, better take bath in the evening.

Engage your mind and focus on positive things, positive thoughts will help change your mind. Yoga believes that the root cause of all the diseases lies in the mind and then it manifests in the body. One should start focusing on good things; bad things will become insignificant for you.

Try all these things and be healthy.
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