Top 5 Healthy Seeds To Reduce Blood sugar, cholesterol, BP...

Seeds are a vital group of foods that should become a vital part of your daily diet. Vegetables and fruit seeds are highly nutritious. They are rich in fiber as well as a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also contains healthy monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats. 

A handful of healthy seeds will satisfy your hunger while also providing several health benefits. Adding seeds to your regular diet plan can help to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. 

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So here we will be discussing 5 healthy seeds how to consume them best Way.

Number One Basil Seeds:  

Basil Seeds are also known as Sabja, having a calming effect on the body. These tiny seeds are loaded with nutrients. One tablespoon of basil seed will provide 15% of the reference daily intake that is RDI for calcium and 10% of the daily recommended intake for magnesium and iron along with 25% of the daily recommended intake of fiber. 

Sabja seeds are really beneficial for your gut health. The pectin in basil seeds has prebiotic effects. It helps to increase beneficial gut bacteria including anti-inflammatory bacteria and that support gut health. It also aids in blood sugar control by slowing down the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose. 

Basil seeds are hard to chew and therefore soak the seeds in water overnight and consume them in the body. You can eat these things straight or mix them with your oatmeal. Have it is two teaspoonfuls every day. 

Second. Sunflower seeds: 

Sunflower seeds are an effective remedy for men having prostate problems and ladies who suffer from uterus problems. Sunflower seeds are a rich source of vitamin e and selenium and this can help prevent chronic diseases. 

Having two teaspoonfuls of sunflower seeds every day will help with infertility all uterus issues, reproductive issues, and weight loss. Sunflower seeds are also anti-inflammatory In turn, it helps to keep your heart healthy. It also helps in controlling the sugar level and keeping your blood pressure in check. 

Number three Coriander seeds: 

Coriander seeds help to entail the overall homeostatic level of our body. It has anti-inflammatory properties which would help in lowering blood sugar levels and blood pressure. 

The seed is usually used in culinary preparation. Drinking warm coriander water will help in overcoming bad breath, body odor, skin issues, and detoxification of the colon and liver. 

It helps in bloating and acidity. This coriander seeds water is taken in the morning soaked overnight with little sugar really helps in overcoming Leukorrhea. 

White discharge problem in ladies to have the best benefit, try this one tablespoon of coriander boil with two to three glasses of water and let it cool overnight and then strain it and drink it in the morning.

Fourth fennel seeds:

fennel seeds are fiber-rich seeds. One tablespoonful of dried fennel seed that is Saumph which is approximately 6 grams, provides 2 grams of fibers in our body. 

Sometimes certain bacteria cause lots of gases which in turn creates food poisoning, stomach upset, and many such problems. And by taking fennel seeds regularly, all these problems would be settled. 

These seeds help relax muscles in the stomach and intestine. All these seeds will help to release constipation as well as acid reflux. 

Number five Flax Seeds:

flax seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids. One tablespoonful of powdered flax seeds contains about 1.8 grams of Omega three fatty acids, which is essential for reducing stress, inflammation and promoting heart health. 

Flaxseed also contains high fiber and protein. It helps to control blood pressure and prevent chronic ailments like cancer. Have about two tablespoonfuls of flaxseed daily to have this make a powder in a blender and you can add in your breakfast with porages and other things at lunchtime. 

Also, you can add this on salad on vegetables and have it. You may also make nutritious Rotis by mixing the powder of flax seeds with your flour. 

Healthy Seeds essentially provide the same advantage as oil but in far more physiologically effective panels. As oils are concentrated and they lose many nutrients in the processing. So now, whenever you feel like munching something in a day, seek out these healthy and not unhealthy products and enjoy your health. Energy.

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