Four best tips on how to handle a jealous person

Jealousy is a natural feeling that arises when a person can't accept someone's success someone may feel envious of your family, about your friends, about your success, about your possessions, anything at times. We may never be aware if someone is jealous of us or what made them jealous. 

If two people have worked hard for a certain goal and only one succeeds, then another one is going to compare his effort and get jealous. Because unfortunately, our happiness depends upon the result. 

but if the results are not according to our wish, then we find a reason to feel jealous angry, or upset with the other person who worked hard just like us. 

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So let's talk about how to deal with those that are jealous of us 

1) Do not pay attention: 

So each time you come across someone at your workplace or your neighborhood who is bad-mouthing you amongst your workers or among your neighbors, Just don’t pay attention to them. You don’t have to go around and justify yourself to anyone. 

Your work your behavior and your action will speak for you.

2) Believe in yourself: 

People who are jealous of you will constantly bring you down and weaken your confidence. You must learn to stand up for yourself in these situations regardless of whether others are supportive of you or not. 

You must believe in your ability and continue working towards your objective. Never allow such roadblocks, which keep you away from accomplishing your goals. When someone creates problems for you, you will naturally be angry and disturbed. but instead of behaving in such a manner learn to be humble towards everybody. 

You have to train your mind to see that you don’t react in such a situation. It takes time and effort to accomplish such a behavior. Be humble no matter how the other person is behaving with you to cause the problem. When he will notice that how his strategies are not bothering you, then he will leave you. Be humble it costs nothing. 

3) Be understanding: 

At times we need to understand why someone is jealous of us. Make an effort to talk with them and resolve the issues. Don’t ignore someone he might need help being helpful might sometimes assist in resolving such issues. 

4) Practice Anitya Bhavana: 

Anitya means temporary, impermanent. The graph of success and failure is never constant, so why cling to the thought that someone is jealous of you. As a practice say these words daily early in the morning to instill the thoughts of letting go of, what was there in the morning is not there in the evening and what was there in the evening is not there at night, what was there yesterday is not there today and what is there today will not be there tomorrow. 

So why worry about something that is not permanent and will pass away. In any case in the material world change is the thing which is constant. So at times when you know that somebody is creating a problem constantly and speaking badly about you, they are jealous of you, should you go and argue with that person? No, you should stay calm and focus on your work to manage these jealous people. 

You are not to get affected by their thoughts, their words, or their actions. Keep giving your best in all walks of life and understand, accept people as they are, appreciate people as they are for whatever they are doing for whatever effort, they are making for, whatever they are speaking for, whatever they are behaving. 

Just enjoy them, appreciate them, see them as one of the unique variety and learn to expect nothing from anybody in life. you will be most happy then.

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