How to maintain vaginal hygiene - 7 best feminine hygiene tips

Vaginal health is not very often discussed or talked about but it is a very important aspect of women’s health. Itching, abnormal discharge, irritation, and teased infection, even boils and pimples are all very common problems. 

All these are a few issues that develop in the vaginal area. Vaginal issues can cause irritation, discomfort, low self-esteem in life and they are going to interfere with daily activities. So today we will discuss how to keep your virgin clean and smelling good or how to keep the vagina area healthy.

Now, we'll discuss here 7 very effective feminine hygiene tips that really work to maintain vaginal hygiene.

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7 Best Feminine hygiene Tips on How to maintain vaginal hygiene

First and foremost is prevention. If you take steps to keep the vaginal area clean and healthy and dry, you can avoid the occurrence of lots of these problems. 

1. The first preventive method is soaked in warm water. The vaginal boil is another very common problem occurring in that area and oil glands and blocked hair. Follicles can cause pus-filled lumps to form outside the vaginal area. So what would be the remedy?

Do this regularly - soak yourself in a bathtub or fill a tub with warm water and sit in that tub for some time. Warm water will clean the area thoroughly & help you to compress the boil.

2. The second point includes yogurt in your diet. Probiotics can help to prevent infections like bacterial vaginosis. Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics that helps to introduce healthy bacteria to your body. 

So have a bowl of Dahi /yogurt every day in your meal. Now, this yogurt can be taken in a liquid form.

Make very thin buttermilk and drink a glass full of buttermilk three-four times a day when you have some problem. Otherwise once in the afternoon at the time of lunch, a glass of buttermilk is enough. 

You can also apply yogurt in the vaginal area basically when there is an infection of yeast in that area.

3. The third point changes pads after regular intervals. It is very important to change pads regularly. That area should always remain dry. Wetness in that area is going to cause infection, is going to cause boils and pimples too. 

Wearing the pads for a very long duration is going to irritate the skin, bring skin rashes and make the skin sensitive to other infections. 

Along with curd, there is another thing which is cranberry very important. Make it a routine to eat every day when you are going through some trouble when there is pus cell when you pass urine that also helps in removing that. 

Cranberry is another very effective food that you should include in your regular diet.

4. The fourth point - wear comfortable clothing and your inner garment. Choose breathable fabric. Ideally, cotton synthetic fibers such as nylon and other synthetic materials prevent the area from breathing. 

They trap heat and moisture and prevent that area from breathing freely. That creates a breathing ground for yeast infection. So cotton is more breathable and absorbent which makes it ideal for preventing yeast infection. 

Nowadays, ladies, girls wearing such tight clothing for a longer duration is going to cause problems. See, wearing tight clothes is not a problem only you should see that you switch between tight and loose and comfortable clothing alternatively, and that would keep you healthy. 

Or you can wear tight clothes outside but when you come back home to the house were loose and comfortable clothes at night also, when you sleep, your clothes should be really comfortable. 

See to it that the air passage is clear, your groin area, after all, breathes and you should help to breathe and you should know that that the skin at the groin area is breathing and so were lose comfortable clothes.

5. The fifth point is whenever you are wet, change your wet clothes immediately. Wet and sweaty clothes can cause excessive moisture and that can lead to infection. I would simply suggest during the rainy season better carry some spare clothing with you which is dry, which you could change immediately. 

If you get wet by traveling, change your clothes after you reach your destination immediately. Even after a workout since you have sweated a lot, don't continue remaining wet, change your clothes immediately after taking a shower.

6. the Sixth point - Avoid scented products. There are many scented products available in the market which claim to balance the vaginal PH. They claim that they would make the area smell fresh and clean. 

But understand, these products will worsen skin problems and aggravate bacterial infection. Instead, clean the area with warm water and mild soap while bathing. If there is an infection in that area, then the person should clean that area with warm water at least three times a day. 

7. Seventh point – Yogasana, Now I'll share some yoga asanas which are very effective to give health to the vaginal area. I would suggest three very effective asanas. First - Vipritkarni, Second – Bhadrasana and Third –Setubandasana. 

These asanas will improve blood circulation in that area and keep the muscles flexible. Maintaining vaginal hygiene is so crucial, so important to keep that area healthy and strong and free from infection.

Follow these simple tips to stay away from yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. In case if you see certain symptoms like redness, itchiness, discharge, or pimples, then attend to that immediately. 

Don't neglect these symptoms and follow these preventive techniques immediately. Life should be lived happily in a relaxed way in a peaceful way. Problems in this area can cause a really irritate state, can cause depression, and can cause lots of uneasiness.

So be away from that and try and see that you live a happy, healthy, and enthusiastic life.

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