7 Simple Ways Will Make You To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

If you want to loose your fat in waistline area, or want to loose belly fat fast or want to loose your weight in natural way, then you can follow these most effective natural way to weightloss. Which many women's followed got amazing quick result in belly fat loosing.

Nowadays the majority of women or girls have exes belly fat. cause of new lifestyle, quick-serve food, etc. This exes belly fat does not only make them discomfort in looking but also may help in many health issues. They try to lose belly fat in a quick and shortcut way, which makes them trouble in a long time. So if you want to lose your belly fat in a natural way, without any side effects, then, this post is for you.

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Follow These fastest way to lose belly fat Naturally

Today we are going to discuss a series of Asanas that are very effective in reducing larger waistlines. If practiced regularly, these asanas can burn fat stored in your abdomen and waist area. These are very effective ways to lose belly fat at home without side effects.

let's begin from vacarasana

Vakrasana stand erect with two to two and a half feet distance between your feet. keep your feet parallel to each other. look straight and fix your gaze at one point in front of you.

Inhaling, raise both hands to shoulder level, and while exhaling turn to your right side as far as you can. taking your hands as far as possible with your left hand. bent at the elbow, remain in this position for 6 seconds.

Keep seeing your fingers, in this position, make sure you don't twist your lower body and thighs. the loweKeep the lower body intact and just move your upper body.r body remains intact and just move your upper body. now by inhaling, come back to the center.

Immediately exhale and repeat on the left side, looking at your fingers. Hold there for six seconds. Feel a nice twist on your upper body.. this is an excellent asana to reduce your waistline. While inhaling, come back to the starting position and slowly bring your hands down. 

You can do this two to three times at your convenience. now, let's see our next asana, which is just another variation of vakarasana.

vakarasana variation with the same feet distance. Apart from this, raise your hands to the level of your shoulder and clasp your fingers.

Exhaling, slowly leans forward, so that your upper body is parallel to the ground and your head is comfortably between your outstretched arms. stay there for two to three breaths, while exhaling, twist your torso to the right from your hip. remain here for six seconds. 

Feel the twitch at your waist and feel a good stretch on your back. Inhaling, come back to the center and immediately exhale, turn to your left.

Stay there for six seconds, inhale and exhale. Normally in this position, breathe slowly and come back to the center. Straighten and release your hands and bring them to your side. These are great twisting poses that work great for your belly fat.

let's move on to our next asana Yogendra konasana:

Stand straight with feet parallel and two and a half to three feet. apart raise your left hand, straight up from the sidearm, close to your ears and palms facing out with fingers straight. While inhaling, bend from the waist to the right. Maintain your breath in this posture for six seconds. go as far as you can without tilting to the front or back. 

Feel a full stretch in your left side from the tip of your left finger to the sides of your left hip. Exhaling slowly, return to the starting position, and now, lower your hand. repeat this on the other side. right hand up and inhaling. Lean on your left side, maintaining the pose for six seconds. 

Holding the breath, feel the entire lateral stretch. an excellent asana to burn out the fats from your waist. Slowly exhale, come back to the initial position, and lower your hands down. You can repeat this exercise for two to three rounds.

The next asana is a variation of Yogendra Konasana.

Yogendra konasana variation, stand two and a half feet, apart from maintaining your feet parallel to each other hands comfortably hanging on the sides. this is the starting position of this pose. raise your hands up from front to shoulder level. Palms facing upwards.

Inhaling, open your arms to sides and turn your head to the right and fix your gaze at your right fingertip. Exhaling, twist your upper body to the left and bend down. take your left big toe with your right hand. While turning your left hand upward pointing your head towards the sky. 

Hold this position for 6 seconds without breathing now look down and fix your gaze on your right palm, slowly come up. In the starting position Inhale and then exhale. In the standing position first, inhale and then exhale. In the standing position first, inhale and then exhale.

inhaling, repeat on the other side inhaling open your arms to sides and turn your head to the left, and fix your keys at your left fingertip.

Exhaling, twist your upper body to the right and bend down to grasp your right toe with your left hand, while your head is facing up, to look at the right hand that is pointing straight at the sky. Stay in this position for six seconds without breathing. 

Now, look down and fix your gaze on the left palm, slowly come up and come to the starting position, and then while exhaling bring your hands down. you can repeat this, two to three rounds at your comfort everyone can do this asana except those with spinal problems now slowly sit down in a cross-legged position and relax. 

The next asana is called Parvatasana, which means the mountain pose.


Parvatasana Keep your hands on the side, palms facing upwards and while inhaling, raise both the hands up, saying namaste while raising the hands completely. stay here, for a few normal breaths, two to three breaths.

Inhaling, bend to your right side for three seconds. Make sure that your left hip does not immediately rise. Exhale and come back to the center. While inhaling, lean to the left and feel a good stretch, on the sides. exhaling, come back to the center slowly. 

Exhaling, turn your palms outward. bring your arms down straight. you can repeat these, the one You can repeat these once or twice as per your convenience. Place your palms comfortably on your thighs and close your eyes and focus on your breath and try to relax your breath.

Feel yourself and feel the inner peace with a gentle smile on your face, stay calm. now let's catch it, our body is an evolutionary product of thousands and thousands of years of hunting of survival, and of quite a lot of physical work. 

We are actually structured to do a good amount of physical activities. But our borderline lifestyles are completely contrary to our genetic makeup. 

The lack of physical activities and unhealthy eating habits are causing the accumulation of a good amount of fat all over the body. Especially in our waist area, belly areas. these fats increase the risk of cardiac problems, hypertension, and cholesterol. It will also make your body more resistant to insulin, leading to type 2 diabetes. 

The larger waistline is a growing concern of today's time. Make sure that you are physically active at all times. don't sit in one place for long, keep moving, keep walking, keep climbing. And keep in mind that you do these Yoga regularly. So, lose extra belly fat, stay slim, trim, be beautiful and stay active.

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