five simple and effective natural ways to strengthen your lungs


Our Lungs can hold about 6 liters of air, which is called TOTAL LUNG CAPACITY. Total Lung Capacity is the volume of air in the lungs after taking a full inspiration, normally the average adult takes 12 to 15 breaths a minute.

A breath is one complete cycle, which includes one full in inhalation, which is called PURAKA, and one exhalation which is called RECHAKA. Our lungs develop, by the time we are 20 to 25 years old. It is natural for our lungs to gradually weaken, after the age of 30, or 35 years. Also, factors like age, gender, physical health, and overall health have an impact on lung volume and capacity. 

A decline in lung capacity can be caused by several physiological changes as we grow older. Our diaphragm muscles get weaker over time, lung tissues that keep our airways open, lose their elasticity and so, the decline in our capacity and so the airways become narrow.

Along with aging, there will be a decline in physical activity and so the lung capacity also gets disturbed. We do not utilize our lungs to their fullest capacity, our breathing is shallow, and our poor posture brings constriction to our lungs, play in action and avoiding smoking can just be few such things which a person should be following in their life, this will automatically keep their lungs healthy and strong.

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Many people feel shortness of breath, when they do some workout or when they walk very fast, and that is because our lung capacity has reduced. The heart and lung, two of the vital organs of our body can be activated because of exercise.

The lungs provide energy, by bringing in oxygen and removing carbon dioxide from the body, the heart pumps oxygen into muscles, as we exercise. When you work out, your body requires more oxygen and produces more carbon dioxide, but when your lung function is impaired, you may feel fatigued and have shortness of breath.

Today I will share with you some powerful asanas and pranayamas, they will help you to strengthen your lungs naturally and maintain your optimal lung capacity.

1. KUMBHAKA  (Retention of Breath) 

Kumbhaka is one of the excellent pranayamas to improve your lung capacity. When you practice Kumbhaka, there is a favorable effect on intra-thoracic and intra-pulmonary pressure, this leads to an increase in lung capacity, regular practice of this pranayama will improve your breathing over time.

For Kumbhaka, first, the person has to sit in any of the meditative poses, with legs crossed, spine straight, head straight. Now take a long breath in, and then hold your breath for some time as long as you feel comfortable, and then exhale the breath out. 

But now let us do this with a proper proportion when you are breathing in for 4 seconds, then you should be holding your breath for 8 seconds and then breathe out again for 4 seconds, so this holding of breath is called Kumbhaka.


To improve your lung capacity, you need to strengthen the muscles, which are holding your ribs, as your lung muscles play a major role in the functioning of your lungs. When you do intercostal breathing that is rib cage, muscles hold your rib cage. 

When you use these muscles, it definitely helps in improving your vital capacity of lungs and removing the stress and tension of the entire body, all this would help you to give better oxygenation.

Steps, sit in any meditative pose again, you can even do this standing, but better that you sit. Sit with any meditative pose bring your arm over your ribs, from the side.

Hold your ribs, like this, where the fingers are out, and your thumb is behind. So the rib cage you are holding with your hand.

Now inhale, and focus on your ribs to move sideways. How the frogs breathe, move the ribs sideways. The mind should be very much focused there, and while breathing out bring the ribs back to normal position.

So, here you are breathing in, your ribs are going sideways and breathing out ribs coming back to your normal position. So these muscles, which are holding your ribs are exercised, the tension from these muscles go away and your lungs can breathe much better volume much better way.


Just like a fire, which is so necessary to meet, and purify the metal. Forceful inhalation and exhalation in this pranayama help in producing lots of heat and that in return will purify the system and enable that system to function much better.

This pranayama helps in increasing lung capacity it purifies also the lungs and really strengthens the core muscles.

Now understand how to do that Sit again in any meditative posture and focus on your abdomen, first, take one or two long breaths inhale fully, and exhale fully, again inhale fully, hold your breath and then move your abdomen in and out, in and out, fast, fast, fast without inhalation or exhalation, just hold your breath and do it.

Move, take 5 to 10 rounds 15 rounds in that position and then breathe out completely. Understand, when you laugh loudly, what is happening, automatically your abdominal is moving fast, fast. Watch this and that’s why I would always say that come on laugh.

Understand that Charlie Chaplin has mentioned “a day when you do not laugh even one that day is lost for you” in your life laugh and that it-self is pranayama.


This asana is an excellent asana, to improve your lung capacity. This asana is done in different variations also, where you are using all different three sets of muscle, you are using your diaphragm, you are using your inter-coastal muscles and you are using your clavicular muscles. So all those muscles which are holding your lungs are used in one asana and that is Talasana.

This develops respiratory muscles and their vital index. A full-body stretch in this asana helps you to breathe deeply and rhythmically. This asana gives a complete stretch to your body and that helps you to breathe, rhythmically and deeply.

In Talasana, you have to stand straight with both legs 1 foot away from each other, both parallel to each other, look in front, eyes gazed at one point.

Now while inhaling raise your right hand up, right from the front up to your head, set yourself upright on your toe, and stay in that position, for some time. 

So here's what you are doing is while in telling you are slowly simultaneously coming on your toe and bringing your arm as up straight as possible.

This movement, the leg movement, and hand movement, and breathing movement, all these three movements should synchronize with each other. It is like neuromuscular coordination.

So, stretch there, Stay in that position for some time, rotate your palms outwards and from behind, rotate your hands, and bring your hands down.


Konasana 2 also helps in improving your vital capacity of lungs. This movement helps, opening up all our alveoli because some of the alveoli don’t function only, we hardly use one-third capacity of our lungs in our life. 

But when you start doing these exercises, you really breathe very much better, and your entire general

health becomes much stronger and better. So, here in this asana Stand straight, keep your both feet away from each other and at least 2 1/2 to 3 feet away, both parallel to each other. 

If you are doing it for the first time, take the support of the wall, stand with the wall and do this. Now raise your right hand from the side up, inhaling let it come up to your head and your ear, your upper arm should be together, your head also should be together. 

And, then start bending sideways, all this while you are inhaling, hold your breath double the time for some time and then while exhaling comes back to your normal position, and then do it on the other side.

This movement should be done very slowly and very cautiously because we are not using these muscles so regularly, but do it regularly and it would really work wonders. So in this Konasana, you start helping your underused muscle, and that works wonders.

Being active and staying fit, help your lungs to remain fit, and enhance your quality of life. A person may have some lung problems, like asthma and a few other things, shortness of breath and such things, but if you are doing your exercises, if you are remaining active,

you are walking very well, doing some asanas very well. All these problems would be overcome very easily, good oxygen in your body, good breathing capacity helps remove practically all sorts of diseases.

It helps you to remain happy and healthy, a person must focus on breathing better, on improving the capacity of your lung, more and that would help in the management of your entire life.

In life, even obesity decreases the capacity of lungs, so the person must maintain his body weight; a person must remain fit and fine, to improve lung capacity. So try and understand, that when you breathe better, you think better, you have more control over your mind too.

When you breathe better you remain healthy, and so you have more control over your body and body movements too, so try and focus on these pranayamas, what we have mentioned and you will definitely enjoy good health and a good state of your mind, do it.

Five Best Natural Healer To Heal Yourself

When someone has fallen sick, we help that person to recover and for that, we give him healthy, homemade, cooked food. We give lots of fruits, lots of fresh vegetables, lots of vegetable juices, coconut water and all these things which would help him to recover fast. Nutritious food helps to improve the immunity system. 

It reduces inflammation, treats infection, and promotes overall healing of the body. But apart from food, there can be many other elements that could help to treat severe ailments naturally and effectively. And this could promote overall healing of the body. 

best natural healers,

So today we will talk about some special elements which are from Panch Mahabhutha to help in the management of ailments. Here are the five best natural healers to heal yourself, read this full article to know how these natural healers heal you.

Five Best Natural Healers To Heal Yourself

Heat Element: 

The fire element plays a very crucial role in our day-to-day life. It helps us to heal and recover. The heat generated by the sun can give you tremendous healing power Sun is a natural source of vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is very essential to keep our bones, muscles, and joints very strong. It helps even to strengthen our teeth. 

But since this pandemic our exposure to sunlight has become limited, the majority of people are inside their houses, either working from home or attending online classes. It is important to expose ourselves to the warmth of the early morning sun and this would ensure that we get a daily dose of Vitamin D. 

Apart from vitamin D, exposure to sunlight would help overcome your depression and it will lower your stress. It will also help increase the melatonin level to ensure a good sleep. Exposure to morning sunlight is also linked to weight loss. 

Apart from the sun, hot water also has a healing property. Placing the hot water bag on injuries helps in increasing the blood circulation in that area and that helps to heal the damaged tissue. It also relaxes muscles and provides relief from pain. 

Also, taking steam, steam inhalation is highly beneficial when a person feels that he has congestion in the nostrils. The heat of the steam could help improve the circulation in your respiratory system. 

Congestion-free inhalation and exhalation can enhance your breathing capacity and also strengthen your body's immunity.

Air Element: 

Our breath is what keeps us alive, hence, air elements hold great significance. The quality of the air matters a lot, but these days most of us in cities breathe polluted air. 

Regular practice of Pranayama will keep our respiratory system healthy and strong and this would prevent problems such as breathlessness and asthma. Practice these effective techniques daily.

Equal Breathing: 

Sit in a comfortable posture. Begin inhaling for three counts and slowly exhale also for 3 counts. Continue inhaling and exhaling slowly and gently. Practice for four to five minutes. 


Sit in a comfortable posture, after short exhalation, begin inhaling for four counts and then hold your breath for eight counts, then exhale normally, this becomes one round. Take a few normal breaths before each round and practice four to five rounds. 


It is an excellent Kriya to clear the nasal passages, which involves expelling the toxins from your respiratory tract through forceful exhalation. Sit in Sukhasana and now begin inhaling and exhaling forcefully without creating any strain in your system. 

Do not strain the facial muscle while doing this technique, practice ten such breaths, making it one round. You can practice three to five rounds. 

We can't regulate the quality of air when we are in the city. It is polluted air because of automobile or industrial pollution. So once in a while, take a break and go to some places where big trees are there. 

You may go to a hill station, you may go to some remote village which is very clean and pure, so try and get some atmosphere for your lungs, for your respiratory system. This will rejuvenate your body and mind. 

Apart from this, always keep yourself hydrated. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day, which would help flush toxins out of the body. Include plenty of vegetables and fruits. 

You should include dairy products, nuts, and seeds in your diet. So all these elements together will continue keeping us healthy, fit, and strong.

How to maintain vaginal hygiene - 7 best feminine hygiene tips

Vaginal health is not very often discussed or talked about but it is a very important aspect of women’s health. Itching, abnormal discharge, irritation, and teased infection, even boils and pimples are all very common problems. 

All these are a few issues that develop in the vaginal area. Vaginal issues can cause irritation, discomfort, low self-esteem in life and they are going to interfere with daily activities. So today we will discuss how to keep your virgin clean and smelling good or how to keep the vagina area healthy.

Now, we'll discuss here 7 very effective feminine hygiene tips that really work to maintain vaginal hygiene.

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7 Best Feminine hygiene Tips on How to maintain vaginal hygiene

First and foremost is prevention. If you take steps to keep the vaginal area clean and healthy and dry, you can avoid the occurrence of lots of these problems. 

1. The first preventive method is soaked in warm water. The vaginal boil is another very common problem occurring in that area and oil glands and blocked hair. Follicles can cause pus-filled lumps to form outside the vaginal area. So what would be the remedy?

Do this regularly - soak yourself in a bathtub or fill a tub with warm water and sit in that tub for some time. Warm water will clean the area thoroughly & help you to compress the boil.

2. The second point includes yogurt in your diet. Probiotics can help to prevent infections like bacterial vaginosis. Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics that helps to introduce healthy bacteria to your body. 

So have a bowl of Dahi /yogurt every day in your meal. Now, this yogurt can be taken in a liquid form.

Make very thin buttermilk and drink a glass full of buttermilk three-four times a day when you have some problem. Otherwise once in the afternoon at the time of lunch, a glass of buttermilk is enough. 

You can also apply yogurt in the vaginal area basically when there is an infection of yeast in that area.

3. The third point changes pads after regular intervals. It is very important to change pads regularly. That area should always remain dry. Wetness in that area is going to cause infection, is going to cause boils and pimples too. 

Wearing the pads for a very long duration is going to irritate the skin, bring skin rashes and make the skin sensitive to other infections. 

Along with curd, there is another thing which is cranberry very important. Make it a routine to eat every day when you are going through some trouble when there is pus cell when you pass urine that also helps in removing that. 

Cranberry is another very effective food that you should include in your regular diet.

4. The fourth point - wear comfortable clothing and your inner garment. Choose breathable fabric. Ideally, cotton synthetic fibers such as nylon and other synthetic materials prevent the area from breathing. 

They trap heat and moisture and prevent that area from breathing freely. That creates a breathing ground for yeast infection. So cotton is more breathable and absorbent which makes it ideal for preventing yeast infection. 

Nowadays, ladies, girls wearing such tight clothing for a longer duration is going to cause problems. See, wearing tight clothes is not a problem only you should see that you switch between tight and loose and comfortable clothing alternatively, and that would keep you healthy. 

Or you can wear tight clothes outside but when you come back home to the house were loose and comfortable clothes at night also, when you sleep, your clothes should be really comfortable. 

See to it that the air passage is clear, your groin area, after all, breathes and you should help to breathe and you should know that that the skin at the groin area is breathing and so were lose comfortable clothes.

5. The fifth point is whenever you are wet, change your wet clothes immediately. Wet and sweaty clothes can cause excessive moisture and that can lead to infection. I would simply suggest during the rainy season better carry some spare clothing with you which is dry, which you could change immediately. 

If you get wet by traveling, change your clothes after you reach your destination immediately. Even after a workout since you have sweated a lot, don't continue remaining wet, change your clothes immediately after taking a shower.

6. the Sixth point - Avoid scented products. There are many scented products available in the market which claim to balance the vaginal PH. They claim that they would make the area smell fresh and clean. 

But understand, these products will worsen skin problems and aggravate bacterial infection. Instead, clean the area with warm water and mild soap while bathing. If there is an infection in that area, then the person should clean that area with warm water at least three times a day. 

7. Seventh point – Yogasana, Now I'll share some yoga asanas which are very effective to give health to the vaginal area. I would suggest three very effective asanas. First - Vipritkarni, Second – Bhadrasana and Third –Setubandasana. 

These asanas will improve blood circulation in that area and keep the muscles flexible. Maintaining vaginal hygiene is so crucial, so important to keep that area healthy and strong and free from infection.

Follow these simple tips to stay away from yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. In case if you see certain symptoms like redness, itchiness, discharge, or pimples, then attend to that immediately. 

Don't neglect these symptoms and follow these preventive techniques immediately. Life should be lived happily in a relaxed way in a peaceful way. Problems in this area can cause a really irritate state, can cause depression, and can cause lots of uneasiness.

So be away from that and try and see that you live a happy, healthy, and enthusiastic life.

Best Healthy Morning routine To Improve Cardiac Health Quickly

Cardiac health is a growing concern nowadays. Not just elders but even young people at the age of 30-40 are facing cardiac problems. Imbalance and block in our energy and blood vessels or even our hectic lifestyle, stress, wrong habits are leading to a negative impact on our hearts. 

So, what can be done to prevent heart ailments or how to improve cardiac health, let's discuss some simple and effective healthy morning routines to improve cardiac health or to keep cardiac problems away.

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Healthy morning routine on how to improve heart health quickly

1) Start with simple stretches in bed:

Do easy stretches like Yastikasana, Bhadrasana, Pavanmuktasana with one leg, lying down in Dhradasana position on the side and lifting the leg up and down 10 times, and Pranayama No.4 – Abdominal breathing.

These techniques will improve your bowel movement, the peristalsis movement would be much better, as well as relax all muscles and above all, it will enhance circulation to the heart region.

2) Sip warm water: 

After doing these stretches, get up from the bed. Always get up from the side, taking support of the hand in getting up and drinking a glass of warm water sip by sip. 

This will help to improve your digestion, elevate acidity and prevent any gastric exertion on your heart.
To increase the advantage of warm water, squeeze one lemon, and add a teaspoonful of honey to it.

Once you have a glass of warm water, sitting in a quiet corner, meditate on yourself. Just shut your eyes for some minutes and a few your breath. This will help you to be focused on the present moment and let go of all your negative feelings, anxiety, and tension. 

Stress is the major cause of all cardiac problems and here is meditation, which is going to help you release stress, tension, anxiety.

4)In the morning eat dry fruits and nuts:

Now to energize your body after a long fast at night, eat some nuts that are extremely healthy for the heart. Eat five almonds soaked overnight. Remove the skin and chew them nicely. Eat a date, one apricot, and one walnut.

5) Go for a walk:

Once you feel energized after having nuts and dry fruits go for 20 to 30 minutes of walk. Walk at a comfortable pace don't rush yourself. If you can't go out for a walk in your own house, in rooms, take rounds. 

But see that it is a walking time. Walk systematically. Enjoy your walk and once in a while, stand and breathe deeply. 

If you feel breathless, take a pause and sit down. Sit quietly till the breathlessness goes away, then again walk. Walking is a very good cardio exercise. It can improve your cardiorespiratory function and fitness.

6) Relax after your walk: 

Just lie down in Shavasana and relax. Close your eyes for ten minutes and focus on different parts of your body and see that every part is relaxed. Practicing Shavasana regularly will help you to remain calm and composed in your mind throughout the day. Your body also will be prepared to handle the stress of the day very easily.

7) Eat a heart-healthy breakfast:

Now, after all these activities, have a healthy breakfast to boost your stamina and energy and this would definitely help in a healthy heart. In breakfast, Omega3 fatty acids, if you take that, would promote your heart health. It would help to lower your blood pressure, Triglyceride, blood clotting, and the risk of strokes and even heart failure. 

Flaxseeds are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Having one to two tablespoons of flaxseed in your morning breakfast, either eating directly or mixing with your porridge would help tremendously.

In the morning breakfast along with the nuts, try and eat something like Poha or Upma or porridge, maybe oatmeal or anything out of this but mixes one to two tablespoons of flax seeds in any of these things and have it, this would definitely prevent heart problems, even heart attacks.

Along with morning heart-healthy routines, stay away from certain things, which will indirectly harm your body. In the morning rushing to take bath and going to work avoid.

If you have to rush to work, then don't take bath in the morning take bath in the evening. Taking bath in the morning and rushing to work will not help. After the bath, a person is supposed to rest for 15-20 minutes and then go to work. So if this is not possible, you are in a hurry, better take bath in the evening.

Engage your mind and focus on positive things, positive thoughts will help change your mind. Yoga believes that the root cause of all the diseases lies in the mind and then it manifests in the body. One should start focusing on good things; bad things will become insignificant for you.

Try all these things and be healthy.

4 best yoga tips to natural cure for acidity in stomach at home

So in this topic, you get to know the best and simple way on how to treat or how to cure for acidity in the stomach at home. If you are facing acidity problems and want to cure acidity permanently at home by natural way, then these are the best way to cure for acidity at home, by which you can get the best results, many people followed this and get satisfying results.

Acidity is one of the most prevalent problems these days. Our hectic lifestyle, fast foods, and wrong eating habits are real reasons for acidity. Foods that are Rajasik and Tamasik, as well as mental stress, are a very big reason for acidity. All these factors lead to an acid increase in our body. Acidity in our body can be handled by simple practices which are mentioned in Yoga like asanas and pranayama that you can perform every day consciously. 

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So let's talk about a few techniques of yoga-like pranayama, certain asanas, walking to help the management of acidity among pranayama. here are the best yoga tips for a natural cure for acidity in the stomach at home.

Four best yoga tips to natural cure for acidity in stomach at home

1)First is Sheetali:

This pranayama should be practiced very easily and it could be performed right in the morning. Regular practice of Sheetali will help lowering acidity levels in our body. It would even help all the ailments of our abdomen. 

It is any meditative posture with your spine straight and chins parallel to the ground. Keep your palms on your thighs in a relaxed way and just flow with the moment. pout your lips and stick out your tongue.

Curl your tongue in such a way that it makes a shape of 'O' in your mouth. Inhale slowly, smoothly through your mouth, through this O and try and bring that tongue inside. Hold your breath and breathe out through your nostril and this is how you should be doing at least five rounds of Sheetali Pranayama. 

2)Second pranayama is Sheetkari

Sheetkari Pranayama (seetkari pranayama):

Sheetkari Pranayama is another technique that is similar to Sheetali along with relieving the hyperacidity in the digestive tract. It reduces emotional excitation and mental tension. 

It is best for depression to perform this Panamayama. To perform this pranayama that is prolonged sit in any meditative posture with your spine straight and head straight, chin parallel to the ground. 

Relax your palm and now clench your teeth and close your lips and slowly inhale breath from your mouth. Stop your breath for some time and breathe out from your nose. The coolness will be felt in the mouth. 

If a person takes a long inhalation that the coolness would be felt even in the stomach. Do this Sheetkari pranayama at least ten times in the morning.

3)The third technique is Chandra Bhedana Pranayama, 

Chandra Bhedana pranayama:

Here are the Benefits of Chandra Bhedana Pranayama. it helps to reduce body heat and release heartburn. It also regulates the flow of bile in Chandra Bhedana pranayama. 

How to do chandra bhedana pranayama-

Sit in any meditative pose. Keep your spine erect in parallel to the ground, palm on the knee relaxed so in this Candra Bedan pranayama. The left nostril is the moon and nostril and the right is the sun. So this is Chandra Bedan moon. 

So here you have to inhale strongly from the moon side by taking Vishnu Mudra. Holding your nose properly means closing your right nostril inhaling from the left and then inhale fully till you feel full and then stop your breath for some time and then exhale from the right nostril. 

This inhalation from the left and exhalation from the right in the Pranayama. Which person should be doing, Have at least five to ten rounds of this Pranayama. This would really work. This would really work wonders. 

3)Another technique is Rechaka Pranayama

Rechaka Pranayama: Rechaka Pranayama is a prolonged exhalation. Here you are trying to exhale completely. So before that, you are trying to inhale for few seconds, you should hold your breath for some time and have a long exhalation. 

When you exhale, try and see that you use all three sets of your muscles. while inhaling also use your Diaphragm, Intercoastal, and Clavicular. And while exhaling first bring lava cooler to normalcy, then Intercoastal, and then finally diaphragm. So it would be a very long exhalation

This really helps to relax every part of your body. Long exhalation works wonders. Rechaka pranayama really improves the functioning of your diaphragm, even of your Intercoastal muscles and even the Clavicular muscles. 

It really helps to massage all the abdominal organs and give a good amount of circulation to that region. Relax the entire abdominal organs and has a very good general benefit on your overall health.

Since you have a prolonged exhalation, you automatically are going to prolong inhalation. So it really facilitates having a more volume of air in your body. 

4)There is another technique called Shunyaka Pranayama

Shunyaka Pranayama: which is a suspension of breath. After exhalation Shunyaka helps to strengthen a weak stomach and activates sluggish digestion and colon. It preserves electricity and towards the abdomen. 

In this pranayama a person has to sit quietly in any meditative pose, palm relaxed on the knee, head straight-chain parallel to the ground and now start breathing in inhaling slowly and fully. 

When you feel now you can't inhale anymore, stop your breath for some time, then focus on exhalation exhale fully completely till you feel no more air is there in your lungs, and then try and pull your abdomen in and stay in this empty state (Shunya state). 

Shunya states for some time maybe four to six seconds and then relax and inhale again. So this one round of Shunyaka pranayama really helps in many ways, but you should take at least is two to three rounds of Shunyak and do it calmly gently. 

This pranayama activates your parasympathetic nervous system and reduces the hyper state of fight or flight in your body. Shunyaka pranayama works wonders in calming your body as well as mind, It really helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Avoid practicing Shunyaka pranayama if you suffer from chronic constipation

To prevent acidity, Follow a very healthy diet routine. Eat every 4 hours, have easily digestible food, and remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day. 

The moment you wake up you should drink a glass full of warm water at night before going to bed. You must again drink a glass full of water again before eating food half an hour before food. But remember and drink water one hour after your meal, you must remember and drink water.

So this is how a proper proportion of water will go into your body and along with meals you always have some liquid from your body and along with meals you always have some liquid to again substitute for water and nutrients. 

So all that together is required and you should be doing that systematically. 

Our mind needs some education and basically our emotions and for emotions. A person must have some hobby in life, follow some hobby and spend at least half an hour to one hour on your passion. Your hobby. 

You should know that stress-planted emotions can cause major harm to your body, even to your habits and nature, your behavior. So we should be careful. We should definitely distress ourselves by doing some such activities, which could come under hobby. 

Learn to be happy for being happy. You don't need anything, just simply remain happy to become unhappy. You need other people's situations and so on.

So try and see that you take these situations positively, not under stress and tension and you'll be able to manage life better. 

Let go of feelings of anger and frustration and anxiety and so on. Enjoy the present moment as it is and that would be wonderful to carry on in life without tension, without stress. mind and bodywork together. 

So we have to see that we keep our mind stress-free and keep our body fit and healthy. Do your part well and enjoy life. 

3 Best & Miraculous Ways To Prevent Prostate Problems In Men

What causes prostate problems:

What is the cause of prostate problems! It is seen that about one-third of all men above 50 years suffer from some or other problem related to prostrate. This problem arises with age and reaches 75 % after the age of 80 years. 

Prostate Problems Causes

Many professionals like doctors who sit down for long hours when the bladder is full and not taking a break for urine then what happens? 

The congestion the pressure in that area increases and the entire pelvic region is under congestion and stress aging is a huge factor causing the prostate problem. 

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so let's discuss what could be done about this prostate problem or how to prevent prostate problems in men.

1) Hip bath alternate hot and cold bath must be taken. the hot bath should be taken first for ten minutes followed by for 4 mins or two mins a little cold bath or normal temperature. this is a wonderful technique to stimulate the prostate gland and all the other vital organs which are around to exactly to take a hip bath. 

For hip, bath sit in a tub of water and the legs kept outside the tub hold your knees with your elbows in this position or form Ashwini mudra. which will contract and relax your anal muscles and your pineal muscles.  

See that you sit in this position for 10 minutes helps to relax and strengthen your muscles. while cold water helps to stimulate your muscles this whole technique will help to give a better passage of urine freely without any passage and that would help in the management of the prostate. This really helps to reduce pelvic pressure.

Every man should know that he should keep a timetable about when did he pass urine in a day. The time should be noted and see to it that every little minute you don’t go to pass urine because you have a feeling rather decide that will pass urine only after 2 hours. 

So this is how when you organize your day and the process of passing urine. You will be most comfortable and this habit of dissatisfaction will go away. 

2) Yoga asanas- Yoga asanas are vital in preventing and managing prostate disorders very well. simple asanas which a person should do regularly are core exercises like Naukasana, which would really strengthen the pelvic muscles. This Naukasana will help in reducing pelvic pressure. 

Other pelvic exercises like Bhadrasana, Matsyasana, Hastpadangushthashan, Shalabhasana, and Dhanurasana should be practiced every day. this would help in strengthening the pelvic muscles and this would help in bringing tonicity to these muscles.

Inversion exercises like Sarvangasana or Viprit Karni are wonderful exercises to increase blood flow near the Pelvic region and so relaxing that region, strengthening that region, bringing tonicity in that region. that would help in the management of all prostate-related problems.

The bad sedentary lifestyle just staying at one place for a long and long time would cause all such problems related to prostrate. Therefore a person should get the body moving. walking is the best mild and best exercise, which will keep your body moving and remain healthy.

3)Foods- Food, first of all having orange juice or pomegranate juice are proven to maintain good health at the prostrate area and orange is rich in vitamin c and pomegranate slows down cancer progression. 

Having little water every hour, when you are awake should be your management. This will really help you in passing your urine and toxin out very easily. 

Milk curd and other dairy products should be taken regularly for healthy urination. Curd should be taken diluted. It's called buttermilk that really helps passing urine very easily. 

Milk also should be diluted and taken more than 50 % of dilution of milk and taken would really help and other dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese, paneer would help in strengthening your system. 

All this is proven to improve prostate health. Refined sugar and salt should be monitored and better avoided as much as possible. 

The weight of your body should be monitored as much as possible. The founder of Yoga Institute Shri Yogendra Ji used to say that, every year above 60 may be above 70 try and see that you could reduce 1, 1 pound. 

See to it that, you don’t put on weight at all, rather become slimmer thinner, and stronger once in a while. Try to live on fruits and liquid diet and that would help in clearing up urine and helping in weight. 

Also, the fruits should include apple, pear, orange, grapes, grapefruit, sweet lime, mango melon, and all our juicy fruits. All this will help to clear toxins from our body and will help reduce excess fat to some extent. 

So take care and keep in mind that you are your utmost priority.

5 miraculous techniques for how to attract positive energies

It is a choice to find positivity in this world, which is full of ups and downs. We are all bombarded with information that is always full of negativity. This has a great impact on us than how we realize it. how should we stay positive amongst all this negativity! 

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In today's discussion, we will learn how to stay positive in our day-to-day life.

1) Do not spend time on negative news: firstly cut off all negative news many people have the habit of reading newspaper first thing in the morning but what kind of news you notice in the paper, most often its negative news or uncertainties. 

This will be done that would be done nothing.  So concrete doesn’t be so inquisitive about what is going to be done in the whole world like this. You are simply feeding your mind with negativity rather than start with some positive articles, some jokes, and some informative pieces.

2) Always fill your mind with this feeling (Anitya  Bhavna): this too shall pass what is there in the morning is not there at midday and what is there at the midday is not there at night. All the things are transitory if you are sad, you are not going to stay sad throughout. At some point, you will be happy everything is temporary nothing is permanent. this attitude will help you to remain in the present moment and enjoy everything. now has to offer this attitude will help you leave the negativity and move ahead with positivity.

3) Self-love and beliefs: believing in yourself and loving yourself is very important. if someone raises a finger at you, tomorrow you will begin to doubt your ability and self-worth simply because someone said so. if you are fearful you will attract more fear. if you are pessimistic you will attract more pessimism and if you are doubtful you will attract more doubt. 

you will attract whatever you think. the way out is to believe in yourself, love yourself, do things for yourself, and make yourself a priority. Remember being positive will attract more positivity only.

4) Control your thoughts and stay still:  Meditate, we automatically attract positivity by gaining stillness at the level of our body and mind. Meditation activity will help us to de-stress and gain more insight into our lives. there are certain meditative techniques such as meta meditation or love and  compassion meditation. that can help us to feel more love and grateful about  our environment and feel more positive

5) 10 positive points I strongly advise people to write down: 10 positive points which they could find out in the day as gratitude which we already have in our life. usually, what we have, we don’t even register it, we don’t even think about it. but what we don’t have, we are cribbing for it, we want it, we feel very unhappy about it. 

Now when you are writing these 10 positive points you should write down all those things which you are feeling grateful for, what you have with your register, what you have with you like. you have a home to live in. you have a family whom you can love and get love from them,  like friends who care, the food you are eating every day and so much more you have in your life. 

This habit will drastically change your day and make you more assertive and do a good job, a positive job in your life. this way you will shift your mentality with a more sure steps and live positively. 

Staying positive makes you resilient and makes you grow physically, emotionally, and mentally in work situations. you would be very enthusiastic you will work with zest and enthusiasm with full of energy and that makes life much better, a person will grow much better. Also, remember that energies are contagious, so ensure that you are always positive.

6 Best Lip Care Tips: How to make your lips red naturally permanently at home

Due to dehydration overexposure to sunrays and certain cosmetics, our lips suffer a lot. They start becoming dark. Chapped or even skin can be allowed to. 

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Taking good care of our lips is important and thus These are some of the methods that you can try for lip care at home. Here are the six best lip care for dry lips tips and how to make your lips red naturally permanently at home.

The first one is honey or sugar Scrub: 

Honey and Sugar Scrub is a very favorable technique as well as very, very effective. It brightens the lip instantly. These are rich in antioxidants and it also protects you from UV rays of Sun.

A simple technique with sugar would be using Brown sugar, preferably on your lips, and leaving them for 10-15 minutes before rubbing them out. By rubbing gently. Don't overdo it. 

Be mindful if your lips are delicate. You can use just any. Just massage it and keep it for 15 minutes and wash it down. stay away from eating sugar or honey while it is applied. 

The Second is Pomegranate Seeds:

Pomegranate works great in lightening pigmented lips. You can apply it as a juice with sugar or cream over your lips and clean them out after 15 minutes. 

Keep in mind that the skin might be locked or turn blue if you scrub too much. 

The third one is berries and Alovera: 

These are having an abundant source of vitamins and minerals and anti-Optimus and thus help in lightening and protecting the health of your lips. While Alovera Hydrates and moisturizes your lips in berries, strawberries or raspberries can be used for the scrap. 

Use one Berry as a juice and take one teaspoon full of Aloe vera or honey with a juice of Berry. Apply this for 20 minutes and wash it out. 

Fourth Cream / Desi Malai Cream:

It is not only the most convenient but also the most effective ingredient. This malai was a wonder no matter how dehydrated or how much pigmented your lips are taking. Just a little malai and just rubbing on your lips help to hydrate and Deeping went your lips. You can keep this for a long period or just five minutes.

Fifth, lemon and almond oil:

Oils are essential for making your skin complexion. Healthy oil prevents kids from feeling out and amino does just that. Thus are two drops of almond oil with two three drops of lemon juice can be applied on your lips and leave it for 5 to 10 Minutes for its most defects. You can wash it later or leave it if you want. 

Sixth beetroot juice: 

Beetroot works to clear up the pigmentation of your lip. This can be applied along with the juice of Mint leaves and lemons. Take around two drops of each and keep it for ten minutes and wash it out. 

Commercial lip balms also contain certain chemicals which will hurt and harm your lips and make your lips drier and more pigmented.

I would strongly recommend that you use all these homemade remedies for your self-care routine. Besides these Scrubs and Baam, you should be eating healthy food. You should have a healthy way of life and you should remember that hydrating yourself is very important.

The Yogasana like Kapal Randhra Dhouti, KapalBhati, Ujjayi. All these things are very much required for your healthy lips, healthy care and so take charge of yourself.

7 healthy weight gain foods- best weight gain diet for vegetarian women

Weight has become such an infamous topic for discussion, we want to know more about weight gain or weight loss we want to know how to achieve success over some number and that decides whether we are healthy or not, gaining weight has become a concern being underweight leads to improper growth and development in children. Also, it effects teenagers and even young adults. 

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So let's understand how to gain weight and become healthy at home, there are certain superfoods that can be consumed for increasing your weight or coming back to a balanced weight. Here is some selective and very effective healthy gain weight diet for vegetarians.

1) Banana are an excellent choice if you are looking to bring balance and gaining weight they are not only nutritious but also a great source of carbohydrates and calories you can start your day with a banana you can also have a banana with milk or curd having 2 or 3 bananas everyday is advised.

2) Rice is rich in carbs and can be easily consumed in your daily life, unpolished hand pounded rice is much much better than polished white rice. White rice is high in calories but nutrients are very poor compared to unpolished rice, which really helps in bringing balance to our health. Different type of rice contains different types of starch which affects their texture and digestibility thus understand that unpolished rice is higher in fibre and nutrients so that should be taken regularly having 2 portions a day is recommended along with normal lentils in a day.

3) Potatoes are rich in starch and carbohydrate and this will help you increase your adipose tissue it can be incorporated in your diet as a snack or in your meals, sweet potato is also a very good option a healthy option which person should consider about 100 gms potatoes person can consume per day and this would be like one bowl of potato sabzi.

4) Chickpeas or chana are high in proteins basically leads to an overall growth higher proteins in chickpeas really helps repair and functioning of your body and this will ensure an overall growth protein promotes In increasing your muscle mass which assists the body in burning fat. Eating one serving of peas, beans,  lentils, or chickpeas can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and keep you healthy it also would help you in weight management.

5) Paneer and whole milk- A dairy product like paneer, whole milk have high protein content. It has even high-fat content and that’s why helps you in weight gain drinking one glass of whole milk is the best solution to have at night before going to bed and that would help ensure good health as well as it would ensure a good sleep.

6) Tofu and other soya products are excellent sources of protein. they have soluble fibre and also help in controlling diabetes. It helps even in hypertension and many other diseases soya products should be very much a part of your kitchen snack for sure especially when you are looking for a healthy weight gain. 

7) Exercise and yoga since we are talking about weight gain or coming to balance I have noticed that people usually avoid exercises they feel that by doing exercises they will reduce further and so they avoid it they feel like eating anything and everything and lazying around but not do the exercise or asana walking asanas can help in maintaining optimal weight and also building up muscles some asanas you can try are Surya Namaskar, Dhanurasana, Paschimotanasana, Konasana 3 Ardha Matsyendrasana, Konasana, 2 Parvatasnaa, and Utkatasana. These asanas help in the overall workout of the body and help muscle building. Walking every day and activities like walking cycling swimming are also beneficial. pranayama like sheetkari Yogendra pranayama no 2 and 3 that is intercostal breathing and clavicular breathing also would help keep in mind do not lead to healthy weight gain.

Eating properly and exercising optimally will help for sure so take care of yourself along with it it is observed that if mind is under stress nothing is going to help and so see to it that mind is always enthusiastic cheerful and happy so take care whatever you do, do it happily cheerfully that would help you much much more take charge of yourself. see that your weight is perfect, not low weight or high weight but a balanced body take care.

You will be able to gain weight, that it is not difficult first. what is required is determination and here you will get the results by these weight gain diet with these healthy weight gain vegetarian food. So take charge all the best.

How i increase breast size naturally: how to increase breast size in 7 days at home

The majority of women, they are very sensitive about their breast size and they very often feel inferior, feel unhappy about their looks, about appearance. Sometimes the clothes which they wear, they feel it doesn’t appeal to them, they don’t look good enough.

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So here, we are going to discuss how to increase breast size to its optimal shape. 

1) Food milk. Milk contains the same levels of reproductive hormones as the human body, which are good for fertility and increase breast size, they also stimulate blood flow to the breast, apart from milk, there are other dairy options such as paneer, curd, and cheese which you should include in your diet. For those who have a dairy aversion or they are following veganism,, the other choice is soya milk, almond milk, and coconut milk as another choice.

2) Next Fenugreek seeds-fenugreek is a traditional seed, recommended in weight loss, it is even good in lactating mothers to stimulate good milk production. Interestingly fenugreek works wonders, soak a tablespoon spoon of fenugreek in water overnight and then drink that water along with fenugreek seeds, that would be wonderful, you may chew it or You can't chew it doesn't matter, if consumed regularly it will help you in fuller cup size. Fenugreek contains Phytoestrogens and that helps in the growth of the breast.

The next option could be Soya-Soya contains Phytoestrogens, a hormone very much useful for breast growth, soya also contains Isoflavones which fight against free radicals and cancer cells that grow in the breast tissues. Among the group of cancer, breast cancer is quite common among ladies and here the soya helps to control this.

3) Nuts and seeds-its always helpful to have a handful of nuts and seeds in your daily diet, preferably breakfast, which is soaked overnight and taken, that would be wonderful. Nuts and seeds have minerals and vitamins it keeps your brain and heart-healthy and they also have a good amount of good fat and protein in them and this helps to promote breast growth. Some of the nuts and seeds to have are cashews, walnuts, pecans, and peanuts. Seeds like sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds are really helpful, they help in stimulating and balancing estrogen levels in the body.

Next among the food would be Green leafy vegetables-these superfoods are rich in nutrients, they not only just help to maintain optimum weight, but they help in maintaining the breast size, this is because they have phytoestrogens, which helps to balance the female hormone estrogen naturally. These foods should be focused to help increase the breast size, but the other food should not be ignored. 

The next method is massaging. Massaging the muscles on the breast should really help in maintaining the tone of the breast and the massage could be done with any of the moisturizer or any natural oil. Preferably, almond, coconut oil, tea tree, and lavender. All these oils have skin-friendly properties.

Let me give you some recipes for paste and oil for breast. 

1) Red lentil paste-that is masoor dal. Lentils are a rich source of estrogens, that can stimulate breast development. To use this ayurvedic remedy, soak this masoor in water for a few hours and now grind it finely, apply this paste on your breasts and leave it for an hour. or till it becomes really dry and then you can totally wash it out, no need to massage this paste, along with augmenting breast, it can create firmness in the breast. 

2) Fennel seed souf and almond oil-this contains flavonoids, it stimulates the growth of breast tissues, to benefit from this heat almond oil and add fennel seeds in that when it is hot, When the seeds turn red, filter the oil and let it cool down, now massage the breast with this oil and leave it for half an hour. Ideally, you should massage your breast with oil every day. 

3) Fenugreek breast mask-this is one of the effective treatments for breasts enlargement. The phytoestrogen present in methi or fenugreek increases the prolactin level in a woman's body, additionally, fenugreek also influences the memory gland and this encourages the breast tissues to expand. Make a paste of water powder and fenugreek And then massage this paste on your breasts, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, wash it off with warm water, and then moisturize your breast with a good moisturizer.

And now understand asanas and pranayamas .Among all these asanas, certain asanas should be performed to exercise the thoracic muscles, these asanas could be Ushtrasana, Bhujangasana, Gomukhasana, Sthithprarthanasana, Chakrasana, standing variation, Adho Mukha Swanasana, Dolphin pose, and Balasana.

Apart from these asanas, Pranayama also plays an important role. Here is some pranayama that can also help in breast enlargement.

1) Intercostal breathing – Where you sit in any of the meditative poses or you can stand firm with your eyes open and not closed, place your hand on the ribs, fingers on one side, and thumb behind, and then while inhaling expand your ribs from the sides and then while exhaling contract your ribs, this expansion, and contraction would really help increase rib cage muscles.

2) Clavicular breathing – Put your hand on your shoulder actually and fingers in the front and thumb behind and while inhaling take your chest upwards with your shoulder moved upwards and stretched your arms behind and while exhaling, bring your arms to relax them bring your shoulders, and then bring your chest inwards. so this chest movement, upward and forward, will be wonderful for developing the clavicular muscles. 

3) Abdominal breathing or Diaghramic breathing- where you lie down on your back, bring your legs closer to your bottom knees upwards and then keep one arm on your stomach and then while inhaling bring your abdomen muscles a little up while breathing out bring them downwards so this movement of the stomach up and down would really help in developing the Diaghramic muscles.

4) Bhastrika-where you sit in any of the meditative poses and keep your one arm on your stomach and breathe in and breathe out fast, pushing your stomach in while breathing out strongly so while breathing out you being your abdomen in breathing in you can do silently, so it would be this is the way and do it like this for 30 rounds and that also would work wonders.

This Bhastrika pranayama should be done only on empty stomach so early in the morning before eating anything, the rest of the pranayamas could be done anytime during the day, Not immediately after the meal but after 2 hours of the meal, so do this work regularly and get benefits.

These pranayamas will not only increase just the lung capacity but also tone the muscles of your rib cage. Understand, don't compare yourself to others, every human body is beautiful in itself and it has its own plus and minus in case you want to find fault but Afterall what really impresses is the health of body and the positive state of mind which you have.

You must first learn to enjoy what you have and wherever you want to do something, go ahead and do something about it. But don't bring negativity in it, don't try and feel that you are less than anyone. Try and see if you enjoy your body. see that your body functions well and gives you good health.

Learn to accept yourself completely, how you feel will reflect on your body and mind. So always feel positive and happy, cheerful, satisfied with your life and it will work wonders. Take charge of yourself

What are causes of muscle cramps- how treat muscle cramps-best remedies

What are causes of muscle cramps?

Muscle cramps are rapping acute pain senses. The most commonly affect the abdominal wall, arms, hand, foot, hamstring, quadriceps calves, and neck. Physical exertion, dehydration, lack of micronutrients, muscle stiffness, neurological disorders, and even hypothyroidism can all contribute to muscle cramps. 

Muscle crabs are also common in women during menstruation and pregnancy. It isn't an alarming situation, but it definitely affects your working conditions and more your sleep. 

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Most effective remedies on how treat muscle cramps at home

Here are some Diet changes and stretching to help you to treat muscle cramps

First stretches to release cramps instantly. Stretching a tight muscle can assist muscles to relax the first calf and hamstring muscles. This can be relieved by putting your weight on a cramped leg and bending a little forward slightly. 

When you do this, you bend your knees and that helps in pulling the cramped muscle. You can use the support of the wall as you move forward to feel the stretch. If you can't stand, sit on the floor and outstretch your legs and bend forward to give a pull to your leg. 

While doing this, pull and stretch your toes closer to yourself. Give a stretch cause in this way you'll get a very good stretch. The other area is the quadriceps. Stand up and grasp the shin of your tight leg and pull it toward your body. Your knee should be pointing down at this point, avoid pulling the knee backward or sideways. 

The other cramps that people go through the maximum are neck cramps. In sitting or standing position, gently turn your head on the right side, and with the help of your hand try to push it slightly down. Hold for 15 seconds, then switch on the other side and do the same another way to help a quick relief from your neck, intern out your finger behind and slowly twist your neck to look back there for a few seconds with normal breathing. Repeat on the other side.

Similarly, when you have a cramp in your hand, this Namaste position, in which the palms are completely in front of you, elbows touching your body and then slowly widening the elbows apart. Holding the palms together, slowly slide your palm towards your stomach. Stop here and feel the vibe too. 

Now let us understand something about abdominal crap. You can practice Suptavakrasana and Bhujanasana to release abdominal cramps. So let's understand how to do Suptavakrasana down on your back. Bring your legs together and slowly pull them towards your buttocks. Then turn your leg on the left side where the left knee is down and the right knee is above.

Do this in a totally coordinated motion and here turn your head to the right. Return to the beginning position and do the equal on the other side. While doing this Suptavakrasana stretch your hand's straight palm facing downwards and do the leg moment. 

Next asana is bhujangasana. Lie down on your stomach and stretch your toes outward. Bring your palms near your chest, inhale and slowly extend your body upwards to your navel region. The navel should be touching the floor, the upper part of the body should be facing upwards. Stay in this position for 6 seconds and come back to the normal position. while exhaling the same thing you can do with the hand stretched straight and taking the head totally back. So again, take the original position and then raise your head up, even your stomach, up your navel upwards, and put your head back to give a good pull on your abdomen region, and then come back to the normal position.

This is a variation of Bhujanasana. You may call it Surpasana. If you get legs muscle cramps and foot cramps, immediately lie down on your back and elevate your legs up on the stack below, rest it on the pillow, and stay in that position by moving your toes outwards and inwards side words and resting for some time. And this would really help to release your graph following the stretches definitely massage with your hands. The area where the cramp was felt.

Your hand should be warm. If they are not warm, take a hot water bag, warm your hands up, and then a little bit of massage in that area. Gently practice few asanas on a daily basis to prevent muscle cramps. 

Certain Asanas, which you should do regularly, would be Talasana, Yastikasana, Hastapadangusthasan, Trikonasana and Manjarasana. Hastapadangusthasana should be done in a line-down variation or in standing variation. This would really help release the pain and traps. 

The other way to get rid of cramps is by doing hot compression Using a hot water bag on cramping muscles can really help increase circulation and relax the muscles. Bathing with warm water can also release pain after the discomfort has receded with ease, then apply a cold pack, ice pack that would work Wonders. 

whenever you apply ice, wrap ice in a towel and then apply on the body. Just understand that ice should not be applied directly to the body. 

One of the major causes of muscle cramps is the deficiency of micronutrients in our body, so we have to understand what diet we should take to prevent muscle cramps. Fluids in the body enhance Muscle contraction and relaxation and that's why a person should be hydrated regularly. Fluids should be replenished in regular intervals.

Also, for good hydration person should take at least eight glasses of water throughout the day. Bananas are high in potassium content and also contain some amount of calcium and magnesium. eat a banana before any exercise for physical strength. It is best to avoid bananas at night. 

Have sweet potato during breakfast it contains 6 times more calcium than a banana and it is high in content. Fibre, calcium, protein, magnesium, and other nutrients. Beans and lentils are also rich in magnesium and fiber.

High fiber meal can also help you manage your blood sugar and cholesterol level and it also helps in menstrual cramps. Melon is another thing this person must have because melons are power-packed with potassium. The mushy fruit also contains salt and water which helps in managing dehydration.

It is actually helpful in cramps associated with dehydration. Sodium is flushed out of our body through sweat while we exercise, so it is recommended that after a workout, eat a bowl of melon to stay hydrated. 

Milk is a very healthy beverage that contains calcium, potassium, salt, and protein. It also keeps the body hydrated and prevents cramping. have a glass of milk at bedtime. It will also help in better digestion and you will always prevent cramps, which you get at night in sleep. 

Leafy vegetables, dry fruits, oranges are great sources of micronutrients and they would help to prevent cramps during a muscle cramp. These stretches and dieting changes will keep you finer. Also, realize that following a healthy and energetic lifestyle will prevent all such cramps and pains for your body.

Understand, the mind plays a very big role in the health of your body. If the mind is stiff, rigid, the body also is going to be stiff and rigid and so pains and cramps are bound to occur.

So take care. See that mind is positive, happy, cheerful, enthusiastic and your body is active, Joyful too. so try and live life in a way that the mind gets relaxed and so the body gets relaxed.

Muscles get relaxed so no cramp, no pain. Live life elderly happily choices yours to remain stiff or to be flexible. Try and take care by taking the right choice. 

Diabetes Control: 5 Powerful Tips For Diabetes Control

Diabetes is such a disease, which demands a lot of attention and mindfulness. Misbalance either of the way -  high or low sugar can be hazardous. 

People having diabetes also experience a dawn phenomenon, which means a sudden rise of blood sugar between 2am and 8am. That’s not it; they also experience a Somogyi effect, which is a high sugar level in the morning due to insulin at night. 

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For this purpose, we need to be cautious about our morning routine and its effect. And all this needs a lot of care. So let's discuss that.

First, one – Morning stretches in bed When you wake up, right in your bed itself practice Pranayama 4 i.e Diaphragmatic breathing.  This is a simple abdominal breathing technique that will help you become more aware and also it would help increase the supply of blood and nutrients to your whole body. This would supply even good oxygen into your body. You can do some stretches like Yastikasana, Pavanmuktasana,  Supta Vakrasana, before getting up from bed.

Second – Morning Amla drink

After getting up, you should not keep your stomach empty for long. Whether the person has high blood sugar or low blood sugar, Amla is the best. Take a glass of warm water, put one teaspoonful of Amla powder and a quarter teaspoonful of Haldi powder. Mix and drink it. This will help you in managing your blood glucose level not just in the morning but throughout the day.

Third – Soaked methi or fenugreek seeds

Remember to soak one tablespoon of methi seeds in little water and take these soaked methi seeds in the morning. When you are taking methi seeds you need not even chew them, you can just gulp them and it would help you. This will lower your blood sugar level and maintain the homeostasis of your body.

Fourth one - Morning yoga routine

Post this doing some good Asanas and Pranayama would work wonders to maintain your health. Muscle movement will help in increasing blood flow throughout the body and also increase glucose uptake of the muscle. This will naturally help to decrease the high glucose level of your body. The Asanas you can include in your routines are  Talasana 2, Konasana 2 & 3, Paschmittonasana & Ardha Matsyendrasana, Matsayana,  Bhujangasana, Dhanurvakrasana, Viparitkarani and legs on the wall would be beautiful.

n diabetes circulation to the extremity is a must. In your legs, your calf muscles are your second heart. It helps you to increase circulation to a great extent. So what is most important is walking. In the morning, a diabetic person must walk for 45 minutes, very much required and in the evening, again person must walk for half an hour. That walk could be a little more casual walk where you are being with nature. Walk around and see and walk comfortably, but you should walk in the morning as well as in the evening. This walking will also help to prevent the Somogyi effect.  Thus exercising twice a day at least is cardinal.

Fifth – Breakfast

For your breakfast, keep one thing in mind that breakfast should not have salad nor it should have anything high in calories.  Morning breakfast should have varieties of Rotis, parathas, Umpa, Pohas, have food what you usually have according to your area or the region,  

In south India, you would have definitely idli, Umpa, Dosas and so on. Carry on. Don't create drastic changes in your diet and pay heed to your health.

Sixth point - Mindfulness is the key.

Be vigilant of your time that you take your breakfast. It is best to have your breakfast within 1 hour after you wake up. If you don't eat your breakfast on time then after an hour. it is observed that your glucose level would fluctuate and create problems and a Satvik breakfast take within an hour would be a very good habit, which people should follow strictly.

Diabetes is a disease that could be overcome by these disciplines. Be aware, be content, and be flexible in your thinking. So follow all these disciplines to avoid further aggravation of diabetic condition and enjoy a healthy you.

how to increase your brain power

Tiredness and lethargy especially these times of COVID-19 has become a growing fad and people are becoming dull, notjust physically but mentally as well.

The pandemic is affecting our mind to amuch greater effect. We might get thoughts like what if I don’t get up today? Nothing will change at all, we don’t feellike doing anything as the surroundings

are the same for a year and a half now,practically 2 years. To get rid of this dullness of the mind, recreation andyoga practices are very important.

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So lets discuss some ways in which we canincrease our brain activities and get rid of this dullness. 

Seven effective way to boost your brain power

Here is 7 very simple, selective and most effective way to strengthen your brain power. so let's know, how to boost your brain power,increase your brain power or strengthen your brain power.

 No 1. A technique called as reflection. Weshould do reflection every night. We should start reflecting how

we spend ourday. It just takes ten minutes but this will definitely help you to learn

tostay in present. They calm and collective and that would be wonderful. It increases your

brain activity and boosts your memory as well With time it givesus a great inside about

our behavior and that would help us rectify. Second, focusing on our breath. How manytimes we are

aware of our breath throughout the day? Just 1 second we getbreathless and we notice it,

when we are angry, our breathing goes very fast andour breath gets erratic when we are

sad and it goes down. Our emotionsinfluence our breath and similarly our breath influences

our emotions. Justfocusing on our breath will help us boost brain activity and be more mindful

ofour surroundings. Third, playing indoor games. Games canenhance our mind capacity

to think and be aware. Play indoor game with yourfamily every day. Following games are

not just fun, but it really helps our mindto focus and the ability to think is much better

: -  First, simple game is lemon and spoon. Wemust have played this in our school. Take

a spoon in your mouth, hold ittightly, put the lemon and then start walking. See that

lemon doesn't fall andsee how fast you can walk to and fro. Second, could be keep a

book on your headand start walking. Your focus should be on your book as well as on

thesteps. Wonderful game. It should not fall again. Third game. Take a glass totally filledwith

water up to brim. Start walking. See that not a single drop falls down,full concentration

and it works wonders. You have to walk also in between somepeople may come you have to

hold it and walk nicely. This is a very interestinggame we should play in our own house.Fourth keep

a bucket at the center, allstanding around, take a ball and the ball has to go straight

into bucket. Nowthis practice. Or take a ball throw the ball from front behind and person

whois standing behind has to hold him. So all little little ball games. Take aball and

start throwing here and there one person has to stand straight andjust look at the ball

going up and down. So his eye exercises plus fun. Itwould be beautiful not to use your

neck. Just use your eyes to move here andthere. Such simple games should be practiced. Whole

family should play togetherand enjoy together. These games challenge our balance and focusbuilding

and strengthen our neuron functioning in the brain. Taking some timeoff and playing such

games in the house really would be wonderful for is thatage old breakfast.  

Fourth – Tratak Tratak

is an age-old practice done for improvingthe concentration and boosting the activities

of the brain. Simple eye exerciseis this tratak and it can really help. Simple eye exercise,

looking at the tip ofthe shoulders on both the sides, looking at the tip of the nasal,

looking overthere at the center of the eyebrows and looking at the palm and seeingsomething

which is very far from you. This exercise, close distance and furtherdistance, such exercises

and palming the eyes for some time. All such thingswould really help improving concentration.

 There is one more very interesting activityfor eyes. Light a candle, keep it at your nasal

level or at your shoulder leveland look at that flame of the candle. Eyes should not

be up, they should belooking down but at the flame of the candle till you feel that your

eyes havestarted watering. Then close your eyes. A very good technique to learn focusingand

improve concentration. These techniques not just remove your dullness andincrease concentration,

but it really helps in improving your memory. It helpsin strengthening your nervous system. 

Fifth – Asanas  Asanas like Padmasan (Lotus pose), Vajrasan(Diamond pose), Ardha Mastyendra asana

(Half spinal twist pose), Paschimottanasana(sitting forward bend), Halasana (Plough pose), Suryanmaskar

and neck stretches.Balancing asana like Ekpadasana, Vrukshasana,Natrajasana, Talasana, all these

help a lot as well. Meditating in meditativeasanas like Padmasana help us gather our thoughts

and focus on being in themoment. It helps us focus in the present and overcome your dullness.

Usually we areso much surrounded by varieties of distraction and lots of thoughts in themind.

So such meditative asanas really helps us to focus in the present. Performing dynamic

asanas also help us butshould be done consciously.  Six- Pranayama  Pranayama help maintain

equanimity of body,mind & soul. It helps our brain function and focus better. They also

helpwith memory and cognitive decline related issues. Some of the pranaymas which personshould

do regularly are Bhramari, Bhastrika, Sheetali, Shitkari, Ujjyai. Apart from this Asana & Pranayama,certain

cleansing processes are also equally important, which come underhygiene in yoga. These include

Kapalbhati, Kapal Randra Dhouti, Karna RadnraDhouti and even Simha Mudra. All the exercises connected

to ear, nose, throatand even yes, they really help functioning the braid well and the brain

activitieswell and so they should be done regularly.

Seventh point - Importance of

Diet Among diet having colorful fruits andvegetables. These vegetables can stimulate brain activity

instantaneously -  whole grain not dairy products, oil, sea,lentils. They all should

be part of your daily routine. Taking fresh fruits,which are locally available, available

because of that type of season arehighly recommended and these fruit should be taken between two

meals. It isvital to have food, which is nutritious, and pleasing to the senses, as theysay, good

food is equal to good mood.  There are certain beverages like tea,coffee. Now these things

people take regularly. They should be avoided in theirroutine, but they have some place

like when you have cold. A ginger tea canreally help you or loose motion, coffee can instantly

help you, but not in yourroutines . Drinking ginger tea or some hot beverage

with ginger inside will help in stimulating your way. Making your own recipes like adding

ginger toyour meal or make it to some beverage. But ginger must go into your system. Findingsome

recreational activities as a hobby or doing the things you love can stimulateyour brain

activity and all this would help increase your concentration andgetting rid of dullness

of your mind. So take care of yourself and follow allthese techniques.