How to increase blood flow in brain | 5 effective brain exercises

Our day starts with the right note when we wake up with the zest enthusiasm happiness and with lots of energy but most of the time we feel lethargic in the morning many people just hit the snooze button and sleep again.

some drink certain stimulants like tea coffee to feel refreshed in any case it is not good for health, we need to do some activity to trigger energy in our system and overcome In the lazy mode. let's discuss a few effective asanas that can help to boost your brain activity by improving blood circulation into the brain.

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How to increase blood flow in brain

1) Balasana: 

Balasana is a simple technique that you can perform right in the morning for a few minutes. It increases the blood flow around your head and chest and this will energize you for the day. 

It gives you a gentle stretch to your hips, back thighs, and ankles which is important after a long period of inactivity.

In Balasana sit down in Vajrasana and keep your spine erect. now increase the distance between your knees which is about 1 foot, apart slide your hands forward on the mat. 

While you inhale you should stretch your hands completely. relax in this position, focusing on your breath. after 1 to 2 minutes slide your hands back and then sit straight in the starting position.

2) Sarvangasana: 

Sarvangasana is an excellent technique as it helps to improve the circulation to your head, chest, abdomen, and entire pelvic area. Sarvangasana really nourishes your brain with more blood. 

It is one of the best asanas other than an increase in circulation to your brain. It really helps in developing the feeling of self-confidence and self-reliance. 

So to do Sarvangasana, lie supine on your back and your feet should be together hands on the side. first, inhale fully, and then while exhaling raise both the legs together up. toes should point towards the ceiling, knees should remain straight. 

Support your back with your palm, lift your entire body and use your hands to support your back. The chin is set in the jugular notch. maintain this posture for few seconds or as long as convenient, But not longer than 2 minutes. 

Keep breathing slowly and naturally, slowly bend your knees, and as you inhale lower your hips towards the mat. Release your hand from the back and assume the starting position. 

3) Vipritkarni: 

This asana helps to regulate your blood flow and stretches the neck torso and leg. There are favorable changes due to the increased interchange of blood with the upper part of our body. especially the thorax neck and head technique. 

Lie down supine on your back with your hands on your side. Exhaling with the help of your hands, slowly raise your legs, keeping them straight, roll your body at the back with your hands for support and maintain steadiness breathing. 

Normally maintain this pose for few seconds to 2 minutes depending on your comfort level. While inhaling gently fold your legs again lower your hips with the support of your hand and then return to the starting position 

4) Hastapadasna: 

Hastapadasna is an excellent forward-bending asana and that aids in blood circulation to your head. It also helps to overcome back stiffness.

After sleep by bringing suppleness to your spine stand with your feet together and hands on the side. Now while inhaling raise both your arms from above your head, while exhaling, bring both arms down to touch your toe or grasp your ankle, keeping your knees absolutely straight. 

Also, remember to keep your hands and head together each and every time you do your asanas see to it that your knees are absolutely straight to get the maximum benefit.

Now while suspending your breath and keeping your knees straight try to touch your forehead to your knees. Stay in this position for 6 seconds with the suspended breath or stay in this position breathing normally. but not more than 2 minutes while inhaling, now as you exhale, bring your hands from the side in a sweeping position.

5) Padmasana: 

Padmasana helps to bring greater awareness of your body and your breathing. It really improves concentration as your mind remains attentive. Padmasana is a beautiful asana to really remove your lethargy and activate your brain. 

Now understand the technique. Sit on the mat and stretch out your legs straight in the front, bend your right knee and place it on your left thigh. you can use your hands to pull your feet towards yourselves. Make sure that the right foot is placed in a way that the sole is turned upwards. 

Now repeat the same with your left leg, keep both your knees pressed to the ground as far as possible. Hold your body to see that, you are total-body, and see that you are totally erect with your head, neck, and your whole spine straight.

Place your left hand just below the navel with the palm facing upwards. Place your right hand over the left hand and the palm should be facing upwards. Keep your shoulders and hands relaxed. Sit in this position watching your breath and focus on the object which you have selected. 

Now with the help of your hand slowly lift your legs one at a time and bring them back to the normal position. if it is proper circulation of blood towards the brain and throughout our body, all the cells receive proper nutrition. Once the brain is activated, your entire body will feel refreshed and charged up. 

So practice these Asanas regularly to increase blood flow in the brain. Remove inactiveness and keep yourself charged with energy enthusiasm and live life fully.

4 best yoga tips to natural cure for acidity in stomach at home

So in this topic, you get to know the best and simple way on how to treat or how to cure for acidity in the stomach at home. If you are facing acidity problems and want to cure acidity permanently at home by natural way, then these are the best way to cure for acidity at home, by which you can get the best results, many people followed this and get satisfying results.

Acidity is one of the most prevalent problems these days. Our hectic lifestyle, fast foods, and wrong eating habits are real reasons for acidity. Foods that are Rajasik and Tamasik, as well as mental stress, are a very big reason for acidity. All these factors lead to an acid increase in our body. Acidity in our body can be handled by simple practices which are mentioned in Yoga like asanas and pranayama that you can perform every day consciously. 

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So let's talk about a few techniques of yoga-like pranayama, certain asanas, walking to help the management of acidity among pranayama. here are the best yoga tips for a natural cure for acidity in the stomach at home.

Four best yoga tips to natural cure for acidity in stomach at home

1)First is Sheetali:

This pranayama should be practiced very easily and it could be performed right in the morning. Regular practice of Sheetali will help lowering acidity levels in our body. It would even help all the ailments of our abdomen. 

It is any meditative posture with your spine straight and chins parallel to the ground. Keep your palms on your thighs in a relaxed way and just flow with the moment. pout your lips and stick out your tongue.

Curl your tongue in such a way that it makes a shape of 'O' in your mouth. Inhale slowly, smoothly through your mouth, through this O and try and bring that tongue inside. Hold your breath and breathe out through your nostril and this is how you should be doing at least five rounds of Sheetali Pranayama. 

2)Second pranayama is Sheetkari

Sheetkari Pranayama (seetkari pranayama):

Sheetkari Pranayama is another technique that is similar to Sheetali along with relieving the hyperacidity in the digestive tract. It reduces emotional excitation and mental tension. 

It is best for depression to perform this Panamayama. To perform this pranayama that is prolonged sit in any meditative posture with your spine straight and head straight, chin parallel to the ground. 

Relax your palm and now clench your teeth and close your lips and slowly inhale breath from your mouth. Stop your breath for some time and breathe out from your nose. The coolness will be felt in the mouth. 

If a person takes a long inhalation that the coolness would be felt even in the stomach. Do this Sheetkari pranayama at least ten times in the morning.

3)The third technique is Chandra Bhedana Pranayama, 

Chandra Bhedana pranayama:

Here are the Benefits of Chandra Bhedana Pranayama. it helps to reduce body heat and release heartburn. It also regulates the flow of bile in Chandra Bhedana pranayama. 

How to do chandra bhedana pranayama-

Sit in any meditative pose. Keep your spine erect in parallel to the ground, palm on the knee relaxed so in this Candra Bedan pranayama. The left nostril is the moon and nostril and the right is the sun. So this is Chandra Bedan moon. 

So here you have to inhale strongly from the moon side by taking Vishnu Mudra. Holding your nose properly means closing your right nostril inhaling from the left and then inhale fully till you feel full and then stop your breath for some time and then exhale from the right nostril. 

This inhalation from the left and exhalation from the right in the Pranayama. Which person should be doing, Have at least five to ten rounds of this Pranayama. This would really work. This would really work wonders. 

3)Another technique is Rechaka Pranayama

Rechaka Pranayama: Rechaka Pranayama is a prolonged exhalation. Here you are trying to exhale completely. So before that, you are trying to inhale for few seconds, you should hold your breath for some time and have a long exhalation. 

When you exhale, try and see that you use all three sets of your muscles. while inhaling also use your Diaphragm, Intercoastal, and Clavicular. And while exhaling first bring lava cooler to normalcy, then Intercoastal, and then finally diaphragm. So it would be a very long exhalation

This really helps to relax every part of your body. Long exhalation works wonders. Rechaka pranayama really improves the functioning of your diaphragm, even of your Intercoastal muscles and even the Clavicular muscles. 

It really helps to massage all the abdominal organs and give a good amount of circulation to that region. Relax the entire abdominal organs and has a very good general benefit on your overall health.

Since you have a prolonged exhalation, you automatically are going to prolong inhalation. So it really facilitates having a more volume of air in your body. 

4)There is another technique called Shunyaka Pranayama

Shunyaka Pranayama: which is a suspension of breath. After exhalation Shunyaka helps to strengthen a weak stomach and activates sluggish digestion and colon. It preserves electricity and towards the abdomen. 

In this pranayama a person has to sit quietly in any meditative pose, palm relaxed on the knee, head straight-chain parallel to the ground and now start breathing in inhaling slowly and fully. 

When you feel now you can't inhale anymore, stop your breath for some time, then focus on exhalation exhale fully completely till you feel no more air is there in your lungs, and then try and pull your abdomen in and stay in this empty state (Shunya state). 

Shunya states for some time maybe four to six seconds and then relax and inhale again. So this one round of Shunyaka pranayama really helps in many ways, but you should take at least is two to three rounds of Shunyak and do it calmly gently. 

This pranayama activates your parasympathetic nervous system and reduces the hyper state of fight or flight in your body. Shunyaka pranayama works wonders in calming your body as well as mind, It really helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Avoid practicing Shunyaka pranayama if you suffer from chronic constipation

To prevent acidity, Follow a very healthy diet routine. Eat every 4 hours, have easily digestible food, and remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day. 

The moment you wake up you should drink a glass full of warm water at night before going to bed. You must again drink a glass full of water again before eating food half an hour before food. But remember and drink water one hour after your meal, you must remember and drink water.

So this is how a proper proportion of water will go into your body and along with meals you always have some liquid from your body and along with meals you always have some liquid to again substitute for water and nutrients. 

So all that together is required and you should be doing that systematically. 

Our mind needs some education and basically our emotions and for emotions. A person must have some hobby in life, follow some hobby and spend at least half an hour to one hour on your passion. Your hobby. 

You should know that stress-planted emotions can cause major harm to your body, even to your habits and nature, your behavior. So we should be careful. We should definitely distress ourselves by doing some such activities, which could come under hobby. 

Learn to be happy for being happy. You don't need anything, just simply remain happy to become unhappy. You need other people's situations and so on.

So try and see that you take these situations positively, not under stress and tension and you'll be able to manage life better. 

Let go of feelings of anger and frustration and anxiety and so on. Enjoy the present moment as it is and that would be wonderful to carry on in life without tension, without stress. mind and bodywork together. 

So we have to see that we keep our mind stress-free and keep our body fit and healthy. Do your part well and enjoy life. 

5 miraculous techniques for how to attract positive energies

It is a choice to find positivity in this world, which is full of ups and downs. We are all bombarded with information that is always full of negativity. This has a great impact on us than how we realize it. how should we stay positive amongst all this negativity! 

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In today's discussion, we will learn how to stay positive in our day-to-day life.

1) Do not spend time on negative news: firstly cut off all negative news many people have the habit of reading newspaper first thing in the morning but what kind of news you notice in the paper, most often its negative news or uncertainties. 

This will be done that would be done nothing.  So concrete doesn’t be so inquisitive about what is going to be done in the whole world like this. You are simply feeding your mind with negativity rather than start with some positive articles, some jokes, and some informative pieces.

2) Always fill your mind with this feeling (Anitya  Bhavna): this too shall pass what is there in the morning is not there at midday and what is there at the midday is not there at night. All the things are transitory if you are sad, you are not going to stay sad throughout. At some point, you will be happy everything is temporary nothing is permanent. this attitude will help you to remain in the present moment and enjoy everything. now has to offer this attitude will help you leave the negativity and move ahead with positivity.

3) Self-love and beliefs: believing in yourself and loving yourself is very important. if someone raises a finger at you, tomorrow you will begin to doubt your ability and self-worth simply because someone said so. if you are fearful you will attract more fear. if you are pessimistic you will attract more pessimism and if you are doubtful you will attract more doubt. 

you will attract whatever you think. the way out is to believe in yourself, love yourself, do things for yourself, and make yourself a priority. Remember being positive will attract more positivity only.

4) Control your thoughts and stay still:  Meditate, we automatically attract positivity by gaining stillness at the level of our body and mind. Meditation activity will help us to de-stress and gain more insight into our lives. there are certain meditative techniques such as meta meditation or love and  compassion meditation. that can help us to feel more love and grateful about  our environment and feel more positive

5) 10 positive points I strongly advise people to write down: 10 positive points which they could find out in the day as gratitude which we already have in our life. usually, what we have, we don’t even register it, we don’t even think about it. but what we don’t have, we are cribbing for it, we want it, we feel very unhappy about it. 

Now when you are writing these 10 positive points you should write down all those things which you are feeling grateful for, what you have with your register, what you have with you like. you have a home to live in. you have a family whom you can love and get love from them,  like friends who care, the food you are eating every day and so much more you have in your life. 

This habit will drastically change your day and make you more assertive and do a good job, a positive job in your life. this way you will shift your mentality with a more sure steps and live positively. 

Staying positive makes you resilient and makes you grow physically, emotionally, and mentally in work situations. you would be very enthusiastic you will work with zest and enthusiasm with full of energy and that makes life much better, a person will grow much better. Also, remember that energies are contagious, so ensure that you are always positive.