Four best tips on how to handle a jealous person

Jealousy is a natural feeling that arises when a person can't accept someone's success someone may feel envious of your family, about your friends, about your success, about your possessions, anything at times. We may never be aware if someone is jealous of us or what made them jealous. 

If two people have worked hard for a certain goal and only one succeeds, then another one is going to compare his effort and get jealous. Because unfortunately, our happiness depends upon the result. 

but if the results are not according to our wish, then we find a reason to feel jealous angry, or upset with the other person who worked hard just like us. 

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So let's talk about how to deal with those that are jealous of us 

1) Do not pay attention: 

So each time you come across someone at your workplace or your neighborhood who is bad-mouthing you amongst your workers or among your neighbors, Just don’t pay attention to them. You don’t have to go around and justify yourself to anyone. 

Your work your behavior and your action will speak for you.

2) Believe in yourself: 

People who are jealous of you will constantly bring you down and weaken your confidence. You must learn to stand up for yourself in these situations regardless of whether others are supportive of you or not. 

You must believe in your ability and continue working towards your objective. Never allow such roadblocks, which keep you away from accomplishing your goals. When someone creates problems for you, you will naturally be angry and disturbed. but instead of behaving in such a manner learn to be humble towards everybody. 

You have to train your mind to see that you don’t react in such a situation. It takes time and effort to accomplish such a behavior. Be humble no matter how the other person is behaving with you to cause the problem. When he will notice that how his strategies are not bothering you, then he will leave you. Be humble it costs nothing. 

3) Be understanding: 

At times we need to understand why someone is jealous of us. Make an effort to talk with them and resolve the issues. Don’t ignore someone he might need help being helpful might sometimes assist in resolving such issues. 

4) Practice Anitya Bhavana: 

Anitya means temporary, impermanent. The graph of success and failure is never constant, so why cling to the thought that someone is jealous of you. As a practice say these words daily early in the morning to instill the thoughts of letting go of, what was there in the morning is not there in the evening and what was there in the evening is not there at night, what was there yesterday is not there today and what is there today will not be there tomorrow. 

So why worry about something that is not permanent and will pass away. In any case in the material world change is the thing which is constant. So at times when you know that somebody is creating a problem constantly and speaking badly about you, they are jealous of you, should you go and argue with that person? No, you should stay calm and focus on your work to manage these jealous people. 

You are not to get affected by their thoughts, their words, or their actions. Keep giving your best in all walks of life and understand, accept people as they are, appreciate people as they are for whatever they are doing for whatever effort, they are making for, whatever they are speaking for, whatever they are behaving. 

Just enjoy them, appreciate them, see them as one of the unique variety and learn to expect nothing from anybody in life. you will be most happy then.

5 easy and quick healthy breakfast ideas to go for a healthy...

Breakfast is an energy booster meal. We eat our breakfast in the morning after 8 hours of sleep so it is the first meal we have after a long fast. Our body has absorbed nutrients from the dinner we ate and now they require something, a breakfast to give lots of energy to you to carry out the work during the day. So let's learn some nutritious  & healthy breakfast recipes that would start your day on a healthy note.

So here we'll discuss five super nutritious, easy to prepare, healthy breakfast ideas quick serving for a busy life. let's read, what are these good healthy breakfast ideas below...

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First – Banana Split Rolled Oats with Nuts

Bananas are loaded with essential nutrients, it contains a high amount of potassium and it has lots of fiber, Folates, and antioxidants such as Vitamin C. Potassium helps to lower blood pressure and promotes heart health. 

Rolled oats are extremely healthy, gluten-free whole grain; it contains a good amount of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Ingredients- Half cups rolled oils, one banana, two teaspoonfuls of curd, two tablespoons of pasta, and badam. Two to three blueberries or raspberries or strawberries option

Method: Cook the rolled oats in plain water. Keep them aside. Mix curd and banana separately and mix with rolled oats. Once that is cooled down, add the berries and nuts and then serve.

Second – Vegetable idli with coconut chutney

Rice flour and urad dal, which we use in idli have tremendous benefits. Rice is a good source of magnesium and iron. It has even phosphorus, folic acid, and many more things. Whereas urad dal is a great source of plant-based protein, it contains magnesium, fiber, and potassium.

Coconut helps to stabilize blood sugar, it is high in fiber and high in antioxidants, it improves skin and hair health.

Ingredients- for Vegetable Idli

One cup rice flour, one fourth cup urad dal soaked overnight, half cup of carrots, beans, and beetroot chopped.

Method: Mix and rice flour blended with Dal and keep it aside. Mix all these vegetables with the batter add salt for taste. Steam this with steamer and serve with coconut chutney. 

Understand the method of chutney: for coconut chutney. Take coconut oil or any other oil, which you are used to. In a mixer add coconut and a small piece of ginger along with tamarind water and salt. 

Blend this mixture well and tamper with coconut oil or any other oil with rye and chana dal and urad dal.

Serve this with vegetable idli. So what you need is coconut oil, dry urad dal, chana dal, coconut grated, ginger, and tamarind.

Third recipe - Mix grain parathas with Moong Salad

Moong helps to defend several age-old problems, which are chronic in nature. It also helps in weight loss as it is low in fat and has lots of dietary fiber.

Ingredients- Take one cup of rolled oats, Bajra, Ragi, Dalia flour, one fourth cup coconut milk, half a cup of curd, one fourth cup moong,

which is soaked and steam cooked, half cup chopped cucumber, tomato, beetroot, one-fourth cup of boiled peanuts, and one teaspoonful of oil.

Now understand the method: Prepare dough of flour with coconut milk and oil. Make Parathas. For the salad mix curd with moong, peanuts, and chopped vegetables and serve.

Fourth - Ragi pudding

Ragi is a gluten-free whole grain that is rich in fiber and helps in weight loss and diabetes. It's loaded with calcium, healthy carbohydrates, amino acids,s and vitamin D.

Ingredients- 100 grams of Jada little coarse Ragi flour, 50 grams ghee, 100 grams jaggery, Elaichi powder, 50 grams Kismis, 50 grams badam.

Method: In a vessel, add ghee and atta and roast it well. Remove the ragi atta and keep it aside to cool, in the same vessel and jaggery and a little water to make a syrup, the syrup should be of thick consistency. 

Now at the Atta in this mixture, syrup and stir it well. Now turn off the gas and remove this in a serving bowl, sprinkle the remaining dry fruits on the pudding.

Fifth – Poha

Poha is a nutritious gluten-free meal that is high in carbohydrates, iron, fiber, antioxidants, and essential vitamins. Beetroots are a rich source of folate, which supports cell growth and function. Folate is essential for preventing blood vessel damage. So now understand Poha but one variety of Poha, which is called Shahi Poha.

Ingredients- 100 grams Poha, two tablespoon oil, one teaspoon rye, seven to eight curry leaves, 50 grams beetroot, 50 grams Kaju chopped, 50 grams Kishmish, two teaspoon sugar four teaspoon lemon juice, salt as per taste.

Method: Wash the Poha and keep it aside. In a vessel add oil, rye, and curry leaves. Now add the grated beetroot and sauté it, cook it well. Once cooked add Kaju & Kismis. Now add washed Poha and sugar. 

Stir it well. Once cooked, sprinkle coriander leaves on the top, stir it well, cover the lid and then switch off the gas and now remove it in a serving bowl.

A wholesome breakfast will really build your stamina and make you physically stronger. You will be active to do your daily routine efficiently, so make sure not to skip breakfast.

Every morning, start your day with these wholesome dishes, which will help you to satiate your hunger, give you a tremendous amount of energy to go ahead, throughout the day with full zest, enthusiasm, and a happy feeling. Go ahead

How to avoid breast cancer-Effective Tips to prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer is alarming but we can prevent it as far as possible by making simple changes in our lifestyle, we have to make changes in our diet and approach towards life. In recent times the risk of breast cancer has greatly increased due to factors like genetic hormones, lifestyle, and environment. 

Therefore if we want to avoid breast cancer we must be aware of the indications that our body gives us. Our body language we should see our hereditary medical history and be extremely alert about our dietary consumption. So let’s discuss some effective tips to prevent breast cancer.

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Here are seven very effective natural tips on how to avoid breast cancer.

1) Choose cosmetics wisely: 

you are not even aware that the cosmetics that we are using can cause cancer to avoid deodorants or anti-perspiring liquids that are in aluminum can especially for women who shave their underarms. Also avoid cosmetics, shampoo, hair dyes, sprays, nail polish, sunscreen containing estrogen paraben Felix. 

These chemicals are extremely dangerous and definitely increases the risk of cancer. As far as possible use natural organic products which are free from all these things.

2) Cook in earthenware: 

keeping or cooking foods in a plastic container specially made from polyvinyl chloride polystyrene or styrofoam can lead to detrimental effects over time as toxins are discharged into food. 

Avoid preparing food in a non-stick Teflon pan instead cook in earthenware and heat food in glass and ceramic cutleries or the old age method of cooking food in kadhai iron vessels they are the best.

3) Breastfeed your child: 

Breastfeeding can lower the risk of pre and post-menopause cancer. During lactation hormonal changes occur in the body and delay menstruation. This may slow the production of the estrogen hormone. 

A high level of estrogen hormone can promote the growth of breast cancer cells. It is always advisable to breastfeed your child for at least 6 months for the child's growth as well as for your health.

4) Maintain a healthy weight: 

An increase in weight is often linked with the increase in the growth of breast cancer. So the most simple solution is to keep a check on your weight. Avoid processed or junk food instead follow a Satwik diet. 

Satwik is nutritious tasty and easily digestible. Always eat in moderation, eat at regular intervals and this will help you not to overeat at one time. Have fluids such as water, buttermilk, lemon juice, fruit juices. So it will keep you full and keep you from overeating. Avoid fatty food which contains saturated and trans fat. 

Choose healthy snacks and meal options like fruit and vegetable, whole-grain, pulses and legumes and nuts, and even dairy products. Cook your meal in healthy oil such as olive oil, granola oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil, sesame seed oil, and even rice bran oil. 

5) Be aware of your genetics: 

women with a significant family history of cancer such ladies should take extra care to see that they prevent cancer and basically, breast cancer. If you have any family member who has had breast-ovarian or prostate cancer you may be at a high risk of breast cancer. Be alert and take necessary precautions beforehand. 

6) Stay Active: 

Being physically active will lower the risk of getting breast cancer. Regular exercise can keep you healthy. Stay fit and keep your weight also in check. Go for a 30 mins brisk walk every day. Practice asanas like Gomukhasana, Paschimotanasana, simple arm stretches, Vashtikasana, Bhujangasana and Dhanurvakrasana.

These asanas will help you to stretch and strengthen the chest muscles and also give an internal message to these organs. 

7) Quit alcohol and smoking: 

You should know that alcohol is a major cause of a variety of problems. Excessive alcohol consumption is linked directly with breast cancer. So naturally, avoid anything which is extremely harmful to your body. 

Also, avoid tobacco In any form strictly and follow a no-smoking rule. Breast cancer is an alarming condition, but don’t be afraid or stressed about it. Maintain a pleasant and happy attitude all the time. A positive approach can help to manage any problem and even prevent the problem. 

So to prevent cancer keep all these points in your mind. Practice them systematically and totally avoid getting into trouble. After all, life will go on, you live happily or with sickness or pain depends upon how you live your life. 

So try and live your life positively, problems will come and go. Cancers are also one of the sicknesses that will come and go. You don’t have to worry about it. 

Don’t bring cancer in your mind, that is in your body. the body will handle it and so keep a positive attitude. be cheerful and happy all the time.

How to keep your tongue healthy - 5 very effective natural tips

Today we will be discussing how to keep your tongue healthy, which we usually avoid taking care and that is our tongue. The tongue is an essential muscle that helps us to taste food. Sometimes we experience tastelessness, blisters on the tongue, and many other problems.

So what can we do to avoid /to prevent / to get rid of such tongue problems?

Here we share some selective and very effective natural home remedies, that can keep your tongue healthy. so let's read, what are they!

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Five Effective Tips on How to keep your tongue healthy

Number One - Gandush: 

Gandush is an age-old technique, that is basically oil pulling. you can use for this practice either sesame seed oil or coconut oil, or you can use warm water. In which you put powdered sesame seeds and practice this technique when you are swishing all this in your mouth and removing it route. 

Hold the oil or lukewarm water in the mouth and swish around for three minutes and then throw it out and wash your mouth with fresh water.

Second Point - Yoga for tongue health

Yoga asanas and Kriyas are very effective for the internal cleaning and hygiene of our bodies. First is Singha mudra

In Singha mudra, sit in the Vajrasana position. you're both palms pressing your knee, bend a little forward and widely open your mouth. Try to pull your tongue as out as possible and stay in this position for some time. 

You can make even little sound where you are breathing out here, so try and as long as possible stay in this position as long as you are breathing out and then come back to normal position. This pulling the tongue out with mouth wide open and all facial muscles tightly pulled. 

This is a very good technique you can do even in front of a mirror and look at yourself. You can do this in front of the sun and see that sunrays also fall on your throat and this would be a wonderful technique, which you should do regularly.

The second technique is Jivah Moola Shodhan 

Jivah is the tongue, Moola is the root of the tongue & Shodhan is cleaning. So in the morning, try and drink a glass of warm water, then with finger massage or gum, take a tongue cleaner, clean your tongue and then rub the first two fingers on your tongue. 

So that the salivation starts and then move this thumb right from your palate down to the small hanging muscle which is called as Uvula. Move your tongue in this fashion rub it and then you will notice that you would cough a bit. 

An internal cough where all the toxins in this region would come out. So try and do this also regularly, but only in the morning. These practices stimulate the oral pores in summer and not only enhance taste buds but also maintain their texture.

Third Point - Temperature 

Check Before putting food or any liquid in your mouth. It is important to check the temperature of that. Your goal should be to eat warm meals, not very hot or not cold. 

Some people eat cold items straight away from the refrigerator. while others in extremely hot tea or coffee or absolutely hot chapati just taken into the plate and eating. 

But this should be avoided. Anything hotter than 43 degrees can cause surface burnt while anything hotter than 71 degrees will definitely burn your tongue. Having food at a normal temperature is most ideal to be taken for a healthy tongue.

Fourth Point - Lubricating Foods

The food you eat should help to lubricate your tongue and improve the function of your tongue. Honey and Ghee are these two foods, which you should include in your diet to keep your tongue and digestive system healthy. 

Have one teaspoonful of Ghee in a day or one to two teaspoons of honey in a day for a healthy gut. All these things should be consumed in moderation to avoid obesity and all other risk factors like diabetes and so on.

Fifth Point - Hygiene Practices

Most oral problems could be solved by simple hygiene practices. This includes not just brushing but rinsing your mouth after eating. 

A person must brush at night as well as use gentle floss if required because some particles some fiber get stuck in between two teeth so your teeth should be absolutely clean when you are sleeping.

Fifth Point - Hydration

It's important to drink water as the acid in the stomach can reflux sometimes and hurt your tongue. This can cause even ulcers in your mouth. Water also removes any residual food particles and this would help to keep your mouth healthy. 

Our tongue gives us an indication when our body is not well and maintaining its health should be a priority. So follow these simple steps to keep your tongue in good condition

How to maintain vaginal hygiene - 7 best feminine hygiene tips

Vaginal health is not very often discussed or talked about but it is a very important aspect of women’s health. Itching, abnormal discharge, irritation, and teased infection, even boils and pimples are all very common problems. 

All these are a few issues that develop in the vaginal area. Vaginal issues can cause irritation, discomfort, low self-esteem in life and they are going to interfere with daily activities. So today we will discuss how to keep your virgin clean and smelling good or how to keep the vagina area healthy.

Now, we'll discuss here 7 very effective feminine hygiene tips that really work to maintain vaginal hygiene.

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7 Best Feminine hygiene Tips on How to maintain vaginal hygiene

First and foremost is prevention. If you take steps to keep the vaginal area clean and healthy and dry, you can avoid the occurrence of lots of these problems. 

1. The first preventive method is soaked in warm water. The vaginal boil is another very common problem occurring in that area and oil glands and blocked hair. Follicles can cause pus-filled lumps to form outside the vaginal area. So what would be the remedy?

Do this regularly - soak yourself in a bathtub or fill a tub with warm water and sit in that tub for some time. Warm water will clean the area thoroughly & help you to compress the boil.

2. The second point includes yogurt in your diet. Probiotics can help to prevent infections like bacterial vaginosis. Yogurt is a natural source of probiotics that helps to introduce healthy bacteria to your body. 

So have a bowl of Dahi /yogurt every day in your meal. Now, this yogurt can be taken in a liquid form.

Make very thin buttermilk and drink a glass full of buttermilk three-four times a day when you have some problem. Otherwise once in the afternoon at the time of lunch, a glass of buttermilk is enough. 

You can also apply yogurt in the vaginal area basically when there is an infection of yeast in that area.

3. The third point changes pads after regular intervals. It is very important to change pads regularly. That area should always remain dry. Wetness in that area is going to cause infection, is going to cause boils and pimples too. 

Wearing the pads for a very long duration is going to irritate the skin, bring skin rashes and make the skin sensitive to other infections. 

Along with curd, there is another thing which is cranberry very important. Make it a routine to eat every day when you are going through some trouble when there is pus cell when you pass urine that also helps in removing that. 

Cranberry is another very effective food that you should include in your regular diet.

4. The fourth point - wear comfortable clothing and your inner garment. Choose breathable fabric. Ideally, cotton synthetic fibers such as nylon and other synthetic materials prevent the area from breathing. 

They trap heat and moisture and prevent that area from breathing freely. That creates a breathing ground for yeast infection. So cotton is more breathable and absorbent which makes it ideal for preventing yeast infection. 

Nowadays, ladies, girls wearing such tight clothing for a longer duration is going to cause problems. See, wearing tight clothes is not a problem only you should see that you switch between tight and loose and comfortable clothing alternatively, and that would keep you healthy. 

Or you can wear tight clothes outside but when you come back home to the house were loose and comfortable clothes at night also, when you sleep, your clothes should be really comfortable. 

See to it that the air passage is clear, your groin area, after all, breathes and you should help to breathe and you should know that that the skin at the groin area is breathing and so were lose comfortable clothes.

5. The fifth point is whenever you are wet, change your wet clothes immediately. Wet and sweaty clothes can cause excessive moisture and that can lead to infection. I would simply suggest during the rainy season better carry some spare clothing with you which is dry, which you could change immediately. 

If you get wet by traveling, change your clothes after you reach your destination immediately. Even after a workout since you have sweated a lot, don't continue remaining wet, change your clothes immediately after taking a shower.

6. the Sixth point - Avoid scented products. There are many scented products available in the market which claim to balance the vaginal PH. They claim that they would make the area smell fresh and clean. 

But understand, these products will worsen skin problems and aggravate bacterial infection. Instead, clean the area with warm water and mild soap while bathing. If there is an infection in that area, then the person should clean that area with warm water at least three times a day. 

7. Seventh point – Yogasana, Now I'll share some yoga asanas which are very effective to give health to the vaginal area. I would suggest three very effective asanas. First - Vipritkarni, Second – Bhadrasana and Third –Setubandasana. 

These asanas will improve blood circulation in that area and keep the muscles flexible. Maintaining vaginal hygiene is so crucial, so important to keep that area healthy and strong and free from infection.

Follow these simple tips to stay away from yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis. In case if you see certain symptoms like redness, itchiness, discharge, or pimples, then attend to that immediately. 

Don't neglect these symptoms and follow these preventive techniques immediately. Life should be lived happily in a relaxed way in a peaceful way. Problems in this area can cause a really irritate state, can cause depression, and can cause lots of uneasiness.

So be away from that and try and see that you live a happy, healthy, and enthusiastic life.